125 Photos of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2020 Photos and Video

We are now heading into France, which is my favorite pavilion all year round.

Remy is a new topiary this year. In the background is an arch that was installed this month, along with an “Opening Summer 2020” banner for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. I don’t know now if it will be summer, but the expansion looked to be getting closer to finished.

Here is our video of the Remy topiary.

Remy is holding a spoon and is surrounded by ingredients for ratatouille.

A Mickey balloon was floating into the photo and the Disney Skyliner is in view.

Items for ratatouille include parsley.

There are two signs – one is the ingredients for ratatouille in English, the other in French.

This is a look at the beautiful maze garden that is here year round, along with Remy sitting on the bed of cheese and then Beauty and Beast on the left side.

Belle received her beautiful new topiary design in 2017, and Beast received an upgrade too. They have been in this location during the festival for 4 years now.

I love the new iPhone for wide angle shots. The France pavilion is lovely in the mornings, not too busy. I think that will change when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opens, especially if it opens in the mornings (Les Halles Boulangerie opens at 9:00 a.m. with the park).

The pavilion looks most beautiful in the early morning.

Also, the butterfly that can be seen from France and the International Gateway is visible from the Disney Skyliner.

I wrote an article about the former China pavilion Bromeliad Dragon now being in Japan. It has been modified and now has new plants it is created from, but it is the same frame.

The face is totally different, but the body is very similar.

Italy always seems to have the most flowers – and a great view of Spaceship Earth.

Bonsai trees are back.

I spent very little time in this area so far, but I will spend more if the park reopens during the festival.

I mentioned the flowers – there are always so many here. They are beautiful.

Lady and Tramp are back in the location they were moved to last year. They are surrounded by flowers.

Here is a look from the side.

From the back, you can see the Italy pavilion.

The flowers are abundant and vibrant.

In Germany, the train display is celebrating.

Small banners for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival are within it (as is the case for more festivals).

Snow White and Dopey are in Germany – in front of the restrooms.

Dopey is ready for work.

Snow White was the first topiary to receive the upgraded look, that was back in 2014. Then Elsa and Anna debuted looking lifelike and other characters followed suit.

New this year are Miniature Gardens.

I didn’t have a lot of time here either, but this is what it looks like. I think it is a terrific addition.

There are some small houses within it. I do hope the Flower and Garden Festival returns again this year so I can explore this area more.

There is a train car in the back.

At the African Outpost, the Lion King characters are back. Mufasa, Sarabi, Rafiki and Simba.

Rafiki holds baby Simba.

The China pavilion includes some beautiful trees this year. With the Bromeliad Dragon no longer here, it allows for more decorative elements.

The trees are really unique and vibrant.

The pandas were moved from in front of the windows of Nine Dragons to here, where they are much more interesting. In the former location, they looked cramped – here they almost look like they are in motion.

The Chinese Zodiac figures are back, but where the pandas used to be.

The Year of the Rat was this year.

The various figures include a rabbit and a cow.

There is also a monkey.

This is what the garden looks like outside the windows of Nine Dragons.

There is also a dragon.

Next up is Norway,

The troll has been in Norway for years during the festival.

Anna and Elsa debuted in 2015, and have been in the pavilion for a few years now.

Elsa works her fractally magic.

Here is one more look from the side of Anna.

Mexico again has orchids. And Spike the Bee can be found as part of the scavenger hunt.

Check out the pretty orchids!

The Three Cabelleros are back again in this location in the Mexico area.

The flowers are colorful and match the character topiaries with yellows and oranges.

Donald holds his maraca.

I took a small amount of merchandise photos. My favorite items I’ve seen have the Orange Bird on them.

The spirit jersey is really fun.

And this Hawaiian style shirt is also already popular.

There is an Orange Bird ear headband as well as a Spike the Bee Tervis tumbler.

The Orange Bird continues on more merchandise.

As does Spike the Bee, including on this mug. This was one of the items on shopDisney while I write this (subject to availability).

Mickey is on some merchandise as well, as is Minnie and Figment.

We will be talking about the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival on our next Mousesteps Weekly YouTube Show and I will embed it then. There is no way to know exactly when the parks will reopen again, but it would be nice to see the festival continue when they do.

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