Book Review: “Bruni’s Big Adventure” Features Cute Fire Spirit (and Olaf)

Hi everyone!

We received the book “Bruni’s Big Adventure” by Suzanne Francis and illustrated by Griselda Sastrawinata to review. The book is just out today, so it can be ordered online for shipment now. Bruni is the cute Fire Spirit (salamander) from Frozen II, who didn’t really have a big role in the film but now he has his own book. Of course, Bruni isn’t carrying the book all by himself – Olaf is on almost every page, and Elsa is on others. Here is a review of the 40 page picture book from Disney Press!


Bruni’s Big Adventure” has a colorful purple dust cover with Bruni on it. The book has the same artwork on the inside cover. The inside cover says “Bruni loves snow and wonders what it’s like to be a snowman. So when the Fire Spirit notices Olaf wandering through the Enchanted Forest, Bruni undertakes a big adventure by following him. Does Bruni have what it takes to be a snowman, like Olaf?”

That is pretty much the gist of the book. Bruni sees Olaf and wants to be like him. He wants to do things that Olaf does, like skipping and twirling around. But even though Bruni wants to be a snowman, he can glow red if upset. Elsa is featured at the beginning of the book and as she arrives back at the end of the book. The story is cute, with the target age range of 3-5, which seems about right. There isn’t a ton of text here and it is probably a 5-minute read.

The illustrations should capture the attention of children as well. Griselda Sastrawinata is a visual development artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios and the movies she’s worked on include Frozen II and Moana. If you look her up online, you will likely recognize her work.

Bruni is an adorable character and “Bruni’s Big Adventure” should be enjoyed by young fans of Frozen II.


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