Book Review: “Snow Day for Groot!” is a Welcomingly Familiar Continuation of Groot Series for Kids

Hi everyone!

I received the book “Snow Day for Groot!” by Brendan Deneen to review. I had reviewed “First Day of Groot”  last year and Deneen also wrote “Night, Night Groot” – this Groot series has been very popular. The illustrations for all 3 books are by Cale Atkinson. “Snow Day for Groot!” will be released on September 8th, 2020 and it can be pre-ordered now. Here is my review!


The official description of the book says, “Best pals Rocket and Groot have the day off from guarding the galaxy, so they’re heading to the Big Apple! Spider-Man is waiting to show them the city – which just so happens to be covered in glittering snow. The three pals swing through the boroughs enjoying famous NYC winter activities, from sledding in Central Park to ice skating in Rockefeller Center.”

First, the dust cover illustration is not the same as the actual book itself. The book itself has a mix tape with “Snow Day for Groot Vol. 3” on it, and Groot on the back.

With the same author and illustrator as the other two books, “Snow Day for Groot!” feels welcomingly familiar. The book starts out with young Groot hanging out with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy before going to New York with Rocket and meeting up with Spider-Man. Groot swings, sleds, skates and takes the subway while we see other characters from the Marvel galaxy also enjoying the snow day. They even stop by the Statue of Liberty and make “snow-creatures”, with Rocket building a Star-Lord snow person.


As the book progresses, Rocket begins to feel a little left out, so Groot offers a gesture of friendship and they are back to enjoying their time together.

Marvel characters also shown in the book include Dr. Strange, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man and many more.

“Snow Day for Groot!” is 32 pages and geared toward preschoolers, but Marvel fan parents will enjoy catching the fun references and Marvel character apperances in it. And it makes me want to get back to New York, it’s been too long.

If you have purchased either (or both) of the other two books in this series and enjoyed it, then you will enjoy this one too. These are fun books that are beautifully illustrated. I recommend Snow Day for Groot! for kids who love Marvel stories.

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