Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

New Pylons Added to Epcot Entrance Fountain Under Construction (Including Vintage Photos of Original Fountain)

Hi everyone!
Pylons were added to the entrance fountain that is being constructed at the front of Epcot. It is exciting to see progress again after the parks reopened. Imagineer Zach Ridley said on his Instagram account (where he shared photos from last night), “Our design team took special interest in looking back to the original geometry for inspiration and infusing new features with a little bit of added magic to bridge the past, present and future of EPCOT . These majestic pylons also draw your eye upward toward the sky and perfectly frame views of the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. I can’t wait to reveal the completed look for this fountain later this year!
Thank you to Attractions Magazine for sharing two photos with us from today (we couldn’t get an Epcot reservation but have one for Thursday). And Jeff provided three photos below that of the old fountain, from his extensive archive of vintage photos. We will have a full Epcot update from our Thursday visit on Friday!
Credit for both photos from today: BROOKE GEIGER MCDONALD/Attractions Magazine

I am really excited for the new Epcot entrance. I’ve been visiting the park since opening year and it is still my favorite Walt Disney World park.
Here are three vintage photos that Jeff provided of the former fountain.
A closer shot.
And a night photo.
Look for a big Epcot update from us on Friday as a lot of work has started up again at the park! And thank you to Attractions Magazine for use of the photos.