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Jurassic Park Coaster Construction Photos and Video – Islands of Adventure, August 11th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Here is a look at construction on the unannounced Jurassic Park coaster yesterday (August 11th, 2020) from a few viewpoints. We spent the afternoon at Islands of Adventure and a lot has changed since our last visit, with the rock work taking shape.

Here is our video and then photos.

We were on our way to Mythos for lunch and had some great views as we made a lap around the park.

Rock work can be seen in the some of the photos here.

There is greenery in the rock work.

We dined outside at Mythos, which was really nice and quiet (except for roller coaster noise and such). But we also had a view nearby of the coaster taking shape. Here are some photos from that angle.

I also took a few (including the first photo) from the U-Rest area near the front of Islands of Adventure as we were leaving the park. The rain was moving in pretty quickly.

We don’t know anything much about the coaster but I look forward to riding it in the future.