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2020 Halloween Merchandise Arrives to World of Disney at Disney Springs (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We went to Disney Springs today, and stopped by World of Disney where there is a whole section of Halloween merchandise as of this morning. Some of it you can find at shopDisney in the Halloween shop. Several items were flying pretty fast off the shelves today but were also being restocked. Here is a look at much of what was available this morning! I have prices for some of the merchandise but not all – I try not to touch the items too much if I am not purchasing currently.

World of Disney was not too busy when we visited today.

The seasonal area is where you will find Halloween, it is nicely set up for the season. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was canceled for 2020 so it is nice to see any Halloween decorations and merchandise.

Here is our video followed by photos.

The merchandise would have likely gone out a little earlier in a normal year since Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Scary was set to debut last week.

A projection is on the floor for Walt Disney World Halloween.


There are a small amount of Halloween snack items, including Candy Corn Popcorn.

There is a “Gimme Candy” bag.

Arrows line the floors and often guests didn’t notice them.

There is an orange Disney snack shirt, $36.99.

Candy ear headband.

Walt Disney World Halloween spirit jersey, $69.99.

Halloween Tricks and Treats 2020 shirt, $24.99.

Clue Villains game.

There is a variety of Haunted Mansion merchandise, which I am not showing since it isn’t all new. But it is here with the Halloween and surrounded by pumpkins.

The Halloween Crocs were very popular.

There were many pairs of Haunted Mansion Crocs in stock, in a number of areas around the Halloween display. $49.99.

The decorations around World of Disney include fun Halloween character designs.

Mickey looks stunned by his sugar rush.

And on the other side of the display, “Gimme Candy”.

The projected images behind the large pumpkin worked very briefly, I have 10 seconds of it in our video.

Mickey can be seen in the background, it says “My Trick is Your Treat”.

Halloween Tricks and Treats 2020.

Chip ‘n Dale’s Trunk-O-Treats.

The Mickey pumpkin was here last year as well. It is really nice to have a little Halloween, and the Magic Kingdom also has merchandise out.

There are Disney Halloween leggings. $39.99.

A Mickey Halloween tote bag. $24.99.

This sweatshirt is really nice, with orange decorative lining. $54.99.

Here is a look inside.

Take a look at just one wall!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Bodysuit for baby, $24.99.

Mickey is on this bag, which lights up.

There is a purple Minnie costume for children.

Witch Minnie Halloween towels, $21.99.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Wreath, $44.99.

More pumpkins are nearby.

Goofy is a jester in the artwork.

Chip looks like a pirate.

Mickey is a magician.

Daisy is telling fortunes.


Minnie is a witch, this artwork is on a number of merchandise items including the towels.


Donald is a vampire.


There is a Halloween apron.

Minnie is on the apron.

Thor and Loki Halloween pin, $9.99.

Another photo with a wall of merchandise.

Minnie Mouse Halloween Mug with Lid, $24.99.

There was plenty of Mickey and Minnie plush. $22.99.

Close up on Mickey and Minnie.

What do you think of the Halloween merchandise this year?


We plan to be back at the Magic Kingdom next Tuesday unless any Halloween decorations go up and then we will try for a Park Pass earlier.


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