Save an Additional 10% at Park Candy, Including Disney Inspired Face Masks

Hi everyone!

We were given a 10% discount code to share for Park Candy, where I buy just about all of my Disney inspired masks. It is easy to remember, just type MOUSESTEPS in the box, and it includes most items on the site. The masks have adjustable ear loops (which is really nice, I had issues with ear loop sizing on almost all other masks), and filter pockets – plus two filters to start with. I have been a customer for several months and the owners are longtime friends. Masks are 20% off during the week that I’m typing this article (Park Candy has mask sales often) – the 10% is on top of that. Or off retail when there is no sale.

Park Candy also sells other items like shirts and mugs – plus other masks, for example I also have a Halloween dogs mask. It is really cute! The masks can take a few weeks to arrive, although I’ve been finding my orders often arriving a little quicker lately. Most items are on a pre-order basis. I figure if I’m wearing masks for a while, I want them to be comfortable and fun too. I probably have 15 of the Park Candy masks now, we are in the theme parks 2-3 days per week and I often go through at least two masks during a summer visit. I also buy them as gifts for family and friends.

These are my park go-to masks for hours of wearing in the Florida heat. And I can’t wait to see what masks they come up with for Christmas!

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