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Review: A Visit to Pizza Ponte at Disney Springs in September 2020

Hi everyone!

When Disney Springs first reopened after a 2-month closure, our first dining stop was Pizza Ponte, a quick service Patina location in The Edison complex. It is also the restaurant we visit most due to the easy takeout option and fantastic pizza. When we were invited a couple of weeks ago to the more recently reopened Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante, we turned it down because we aren’t dining inside right now (I recommend the delicious lasagna there). Then we were asked if we wanted to visit Pizza Ponte instead and we accepted.

Pizza Ponte is located to the left of Maria and Enzo’s, in a small, unassuming area of the complex. 

The menu is outside. While the official website lists opening at noon, I believe it is 11am. We usually stop by around 11:30am.

If you are looking to dine outside, there are some tables but if the restaurant is busy, I am not sure how that works with the line markers next to the tables. You can take pizza in a small pizza box and find a bench or common seating area at Disney Springs if this area is busy. There are also tables inside.

Here is a look inside with the tables. It is not a big location for indoor dining, so I suggest going during off-peak hours (we always stop by mid-week, usually by noon). And there are safety measures in place, including having guests spread out while waiting for pizza.

Before getting in line, guests get their first look at drinks available for purchase. These include soft drinks, sangria and more.

Patina owns the restaurants here and also Via Napoli and Tutto Italia at Epcot. That will give you an idea of the quality of the pizza. Via Napoli is one of my favorite pizza restaurants and so is Pizza Ponte.

While I always order the Big Roman, which is more of a New York style pizza, there are thicker slices too.

Pizza Ponte has sandwiches as well.

The Pepperoni pizza is similar to the Big Roman but with pepperoni like at Via Napoli.

There are a variety of pizza slices. What I didn’t realize all this time was that you could just order one full pizza and have a massive pizza box for it. The pizza here is not inexpensive, but the slices are large. So one slice is usually enough for me (sometimes we split a third slice between us, but never more in one sitting).

Pizza Ponte also offers salads. The case is not stuffed full like in normal times but there are plenty of options for a very nice meal.

The desserts include tiramisu and cheesecake. The latter I picked up for my mom when I brought her pizza last month but I haven’t tried it.

The cannoli is good, we’ve had cannoli at Maria & Enzo’s before and this is similar.

There is also chocolate cake. I purchased a piece a few weeks back and it was fine but the cannoli is a better option (in my opinion).

Pizza Ponte has a selection of beer, frozen sangria (which I need to try next time before the weather is much cooler), wines, canned wines and other drinks. It is a nice mix of beverages.

Fruit and Wine Pops have been very popular here as well.

Hand sanitizer is in Sazerac bottles.

Chocolate chip cookies are near the register.

Dessert listing and prices.

We took home one full, very large cheese pizza (the pizza freezes well).

In a smaller box, two slices of pepperoni.


The size of the pizza box was a surprise. We measured it and it was 25×25.

For those who know the size of the regular box, it is so small in comparison. Honestly, I’ve never gotten as much attention at Disney Springs as carrying the large pizza box (and we usually get comments with the smaller one too).

The pizza box compared with our regular size stove.

While we were invited to Pizza Ponte, we go every few weeks on our own. The restaurant has excellent pizza and it is simply where we visit most often right now.

I added in one photo of Halloween at Disney Springs, we are about 5 weeks until this turns into holiday decorations!

Thank you to Pizza Ponte for inviting us out. All views are ours.