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Mira from Disney Junior Series “Mira, Royal Detective” Debuts in Motorcade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Mira from the Disney Junior series Mira, Royal Detective debuted this weekend in the Disney Junior Stars Motorcade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney says it is for “this weekend only”, but I expect we will see her again soon enough (they put time and effort into a character, a car design and costumes). The rest of the Disney Junior Stars Motorcade was out as well, she didn’t replace any other character. Here are photos and video from today!

Here is our video.

The segment with Mira includes a banner.

Performers wear costumes themed to the Indian culture.

It is fun to see the inspired costumes. Part of my family is from India and occasionally wear similar outfits.

“Mira, Royal Detective” debuted in March on Disney Junior.

Disney says about Mira, Royal Detective that itintroduces a brave and resourceful girl named Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the queen. Her mystery-solving adventures highlight critical thinking and encourage deductive reasoning for young viewers”.

The show also celebrates Indian culture.

The motorcades at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are not on a published schedule, the same as in the other Walt Disney World parks. Due to the pandemic, character appearances are distanced. It also has allowed more guests to enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters, with continuous cavalcades, motorcades and more. There is a motorcade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios every half hour or so, one of three – Pixar Pals, Mickey and friends, and Disney Junior.

Mira waves to guests from her themed car.

Before Mira, we saw Fancy Nancy as she led the motorcade. She debuted in 2019 in the park.

Doc McStuffins is also in the motorcade each day.

Vampirina has been a fixture at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 2018 and has a fun car design.

If you are planning to visit Walt Disney World, keep an eye out for the various character offerings! They roll by pretty quickly – there are no full parades or fireworks right now in an effort to keep guests from gathering together for long.