Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza Photo Update from October 14th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Here are photos from today of the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza. It was pretty foggy this morning while I waited to go through, but you can see really nicely how the letters are shaping up. They were gold during my last update but now have a more iridescent look to them. I have a comparison photo later in the post.

Here is a look at the new colors. This isn’t the first time in the past decade that the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza has been redone, I think the last time was around 2011. I had forgotten until going through my photos that the colors used to include a lot of pink throughout the plaza.

The blue around the Magic Kingdom letters is now partially off.

The W and E look to be finished.

Here is a closer look on the W. Hopefully next time there will be some nice light to catch it.

Two weeks ago, the W had a gold tone only.


There was work going on near the E.

A large part of the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza still has the lighter blue pattern.


The toll booth I went through had already been painted gold and dark blue.   

It wasn’t quite the pretty morning I hoped for to take photos of the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza, but I enjoyed getting foggy photos elsewhere. I look forward to seeing the finished entrance in the coming weeks. I like it a lot better now with the more iridescent colors vs. just gold. And we will have more pics sometime next week!