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“Night of a Million Lights” Preview in Photos, Video – Give Kids the World Village Holiday Light Event Begins November 13th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Night of a Million Lights at Give Kids the World is now less than one month away! With over 3 MILLION lights and dazzling displays, this is going to be a holiday must-experience this year. We had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of the lights yesterday – about one million have been added so far to the village. The event is not just one night, Night of a Million Lights is scheduled to run from November 13th, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021. Tickets can be purchased at the Give Kids the World website – there is a range on prices for tickets depending on date. Here is a look in photos and video from last night!

We first went into the room where all the lights are stored.

Red and green lights offer a festive atmosphere – and it is hard to believe 2 million lights are located here. Give Kids the World is still looking for volunteers to help add lights to the village and for the event nights as well.

Santa and an elf stand watching from the side.

Here is our video of our preview last night, which is just a taste of Night of a Million Lights.

Mayor Clayton was outside the gingerbread House.

He is in a Santa outfit, which I’ve not seen before. And Santa Claus himself will make appearances (all distanced). Social distancing and masks are mandatory, just as at other locations in Central Florida.

The iconic Enchanted Carousel is lit up beautifully.

Walt Disney World provided most of the lights for the event. The resort didn’t sponsor one of the 45 decorated villas, but I was told that the decorations here – on the Avenue of Angels – is more what it provided.

There was holiday music last night and so many lights.

This is one of the beautifully lit villas sponsored by companies and ready for decorating.

Crayola was the one villa that looked finished and I can’t wait to see all the rest of them. This area feels so much like Residential Street during the Osborne Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney MGM-Studios). In usual times, the villas are for wish families who are staying for a week. For this event, “Welcome Home” is for the companies sponsoring the villas.

The Crayola house is whimsical, with Crayola figures, a colorful tree and more.

Two Crayola crayon figures wrap lights around a tree.

Other villas will include Kennedy Space Center, the Don Cesar and LEGOLAND Florida.

Pretty lights decorate this villa.

The Don Cesar villa is pink, just as the elegant and historic hotel on St. Petersburg Beach. It isn’t finished – all of the villas have their “base” lights and now the companies can decorate further.


Visitors can purchase the paper glasses – again, like the Osborne Lights used to have – that give a fun effect to the lights.

The glasses I had yesterday made lights into gingerbread men.

Another villa that may be complete or close to it is for Orlando City Soccer. The house is in purple and yellow lights, and a soccer net can be seen in the driveway here.

We went to Towne Hall, with lights along the way.

We were invited to photograph from the balcony, which gives a beautiful overview of the Avenue of Angels and Enchanted Carousel.

Workers were adding lights to this roof.


Give Kids the World was just a week or two away from debuting the new Henri’s Starlite Scoops ice cream location when Give Kids the World Village closed due to the pandemic. This used to be where the old (and very popular) Ice Cream Palace was. This new ice cream location is lovely, modern and I will post about it separately. For Night of a Million Lights, there is a Christmas tree with lights that change.

We went back up to a different balcony for one more look at the lights below.

Night of a Million Lights is likely to be my favorite holiday experience ever. With millions of lights, 45 decorated houses and other displays, there is so much to see and even things to do. Ticket prices include hot cocoa and ice cream, and the Village’s accessible attractions will be open for guests.

As I mentioned, due to the pandemic, thousands of kids aren’t getting their wishes to stay at Give Kids the World Village. Night of a Million Lights is a fundraiser to make sure that the wishes can continue as soon as Give Kids the World can reopen to families.