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Looking Back at “Happy Haunting at Downtown Disney” Halloween 2009 Event at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

Do you remember when Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) at Walt Disney World celebrated Halloween? There was trick-or-treating along with entertainment and decorations. We discovered some fun photos of the event “Happy Haunting at Downtown Disney” I took in 2009 while going through Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade pictures for a separate article I am writing. I didn’t remember just how immersive this event was – especially for being free to guests. I also am not sure how many years it ran, maybe a couple of years or more. Here are 20 photos!

I found this online today on the Disney Parks Blog, the information for Happy Haunting at Downtown Disney. It ran October 30th and 31st, 2009 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

A sign at the Downtown Disney Marketplace gave details on the event.

There were a number of Treat Spot locations for guests to collect candy.

Decorations included big pumpkins – some where inflatable, some not.

Sergio, who was juggling at the Italy pavilion for so many years was at Downtown Disney to entertain crowds.

I found his public figure account on Facebook here, if you want to see what he is up to. I hope he can return to Epcot eventually.

Here is another inflatable.

There were skeleton stilt walkers here in front of the former Team Mickey location.

A DJ dance party was held.

Team Mickey was a location for treats.


Near Pin Central, Spooky Stories were told.


A performer dressed as a witch told stories with a puppet.

Trick-or-Treat lines could get long, including here at the former Wolfgang Puck location.

And in front of the former DisneyQuest.

Nothing was going on at the Adventurers Club but I had the photo and thought I’d include it.

Treat Spot #9 was at Pleasure Island.

Kids (and maybe adults) were walking through the stilt walkers legs here.

A band played near Fulton’s Crab House (now Paddlefish).

Another pumpkin was near the McDonald’s that was here. It was a really nice McDonald’s location with an iconic clock tower.

A pumpkin sat not too far from the T-Rex Cafe.

It was fun to find these photos today! I have so many Halloween photos through the years at the parks and resorts, this was one of the more unique events.