Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza Refurbishment Update From November 2nd, 2020

Hi everyone!

Here is a look at the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza from today! The 50th anniversary makeover is more than half done. It was a gorgeous day and I will be posting all about the Christmas decorations, merchandise and Jingle Cruise tomorrow.

The flags above the Magic Kingdom signage here are gold. The “o” in welcome is not quite finished, it is gold but without that iridescent look to it that the castle and other letters have so far received. We are now about 11 months until the official 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World (and the Magic Kingdom).

Prior, the flags above the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza were blue, and there are still a few left. They are changed out as each section of the painting is finished.

Gold and blue are here in one photo. Also, one complete letter (c), one partially finished (o) and the m is being worked on.

The Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza is also being painted a dark blue with some gold. The former lighter blue color is still on the right hand side and matches the blue sky today.

Gold and blue flags.

The colors look really nice.

And one last look at the sign.

It is nice to have a fresh look for the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza, it has been about 8 years I think since the last change.

Christmas starts at the Magic Kingdom on Friday! It is almost fully decorated now, so quickly after Halloween ended. The Jingle Cruise is running and I will be writing about both tomorrow. The Emporium is also full of Christmas merchandise as of today and I’ll post that tomorrow afternoon.