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Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom 2020 Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom offers a variety of holiday cavalcades and character experiences through the park for 2020! One of those is Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade. Mickey and Minnie are on their Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade float with other popular characters also in the quick procession. The cavalcades, motorcades and flotillas in the parks run continuously and quickly, so any gathering of guests is just a minute or two (as opposed to a parade, which has everyone gathered often for an hour+). Here is a look at this fun cavalcade!

We have a video that includes all of the cavalcades from various angles. We will have individual videos as well eventually and I will add the singular Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade to this article at that time.

Pluto leads the cavalcade, followed by Donald and Daisy. I generally don’t recommend Main Street for cavalcade viewing. Guests in the shops hear the music and tend to fill in the socially distanced space (it depends on how busy the park is and time of day). I recommend the hub over anywhere else. On the opening day of the Magic Kingdom holiday season, I viewed the various cavalcades all over the park depending on what I was doing.

I rarely watch cavalcades from Liberty Square, but I kept looking for The Muppets and I ended up seeing this one twice from near the Hall of Presidents (and it was pretty good for distancing). I get asked about crowds a lot and I generally recommend watching cavalcades in early afternoon to mid-afternoon, in the hub or Frontierland is another favorite of mine.

Donald and Daisy are festive in their costumes.

Peter and Wendy are behind Daisy.

Pinocchio and Gepetto are next.

Peter Pan points to a guest.

Many of the characters from the cavalcade greet distanced occasionally from the Main Street Railroad Station platform.

Here come Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey waves to me.


He points.

And makes a heart. The characters often interact a lot with guests from the cavalcades.

Mickey and Minnie travel down Main Street.

Here they are in Town Square. I saw the cavalcade at least 4 times on this day.

The Mad Hatter and Alice are next.

Pooh and Tigger follow.

Other Winnie the Pooh characters are on the Main Street Trolley intermittently as well as in front of the Crystal Palace every so often.


Mary Popppins waves.

The last character is Bert.

Cast Members sporting costumes normally used for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party hold the final rope.

We will have more on the holiday cavalcades in the coming days! Most run each day. If you have seen the Magic Kingdom cavalcades at any time since the parks reopened, you will find the formula familiar. I love that they bring so much energy all day to the Magic Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Holiday Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom 2020 Photos and Video

  • Do you recall what time of day you saw the Mickey cavalcade? More like noon or later in the evening? Do they have the sheet that says the time as usual or do you just have to be in the right spot.

  • Hi Amanda! Thank you for writing. The cavalcades run all day, we saw this one like 4 times at various times of day! There is no sheet showing times so guests don’t gather. There is something going on all the time, the various cavalcades and such seem to run every 10-15 minutes. We sometimes hang out in the hub for a bit if there aren’t many guests there (this cavalcade does not run very early, I think it starts after 10).


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