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Jingle Cruise Photos and Video 2020 at Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

The Jingle Cruise returned to the Magic Kingdom for the 2020 holiday season! We rode it about a week ago now, I am a little behind in articles. It was a nice surprise to have it back. The ride is very popular and I personally recommend going straight there in the morning. We waited 20-25 minutes in a distanced queue. Due to the pandemic, the boats carry fewer guests than usual. Here is a look at the Jingle Cruise this year!

The Jungle Cruise sign is now the Jingle Cruise for the season.

The stand-by entrance said 40 minutes, it was about half of that for us. We arrived here a little after 9:00 a.m. The line got much longer later.

Here is our video and then photos.

Decorations can be found outside and throughout the queue as always.

A gift says it is for John.

A Christmas tree is next to “Santa, please stop here”.


Garland and other decorations can be seen through here.

Message boards hold holiday posts.

One of the notices talks about a holiday party, including a white elephant gift exchange. And it tells Trader Sam not to bring any food for the pot luck.

The naughty list looks long.

And Skipper Beth asks Santa for a compass for Christmas.

Ornaments are in netting on the ceiling.

A bow is seen above a rope.

A Jingle Cruise boat can be seen from the queue.


The queue is distanced for guests.

The little hut outside is also decorated.

A Christmas tree, Santa and a Snowman are among the holiday garland and lights.

Jungle All the Way.

Candy Cane Connie is ready to go.

There is a snowman that I only got a partial photo of.

Here we go a-wassailing.

Here are a few more photos of the hut.

The gorillas are getting ready for the holiday season.

And even when a rhino is giving you the point in the end, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas.

This is a look inside the boat. Parties are separated and that includes plexiglass. The skipper is behind what looks like a plastic/vinyl partition. And the middle bench carries no passengers.

The back side of water.

A crocodile sits in the water near some presents.

Trader Sam.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping with Trader Sam-ta!

And on the way out, New Year’s Resolutions.

The resolutions include a 75% return rate and be funny (our skipper was).

Exit only.

Skulls on a stick feature a Santa hat.

We will be sharing much more from the Walt Disney World holiday season in the coming weeks!