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Disney’s Grand Floridian Christmas Tree & Decorations Feature The Twelve Days of Christmas in 2020 (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort now has its large tree along with indoor decorations and smaller trees installed for the 2020 holiday season. The exterior garland also is at the main entrance. It was fun to see new ornaments on the tree and wreaths featuring The Twelve Days of Christmas! Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort will not be offering the iconic gingerbread house this year, but hopefully that will change for 2021. Here is a look at the decorations and tree inside! We should have our video up tomorrow as well.

The swags of garland are always festive. There currently are no deer decorations outside and I am not sure if those will be added yet or not.


The flower pot at the front entrance is still empty, but it was nice to see the various trees, wreaths and garland swags around the resort.

Here is our video and then more photos!

I believe the horses are new. Swans, birds and birdcages are among the Victorian decorations usually on the trees, but Disney got away from the birdcages this year (there are some, but fewer and not with birds in them as far as I could see).

If you love swans, you will love the decorations.

More swans.

From a distance, not much looks different with the enormous tree.

Getting closer, there are some ornaments that look the same as previous years, but The Twelve Days of Christmas starts coming into view.


I believe these swan ornaments have been here before.

The Twelve Days of Christmas has been in my head due to Give Kids the World’s Night of a Million Lights. It was fun to see the various ornaments on the tree. I think I missed one, but have the rest. Here is a partridge in a pear tree.


Two turtle doves.

Three french hens.

Four calling birds.

FIVE GOLDEN RINGS. (I think I got the emphasis right).

An empty birdcage sits next to one of the ornaments.

Six geese a laying.

More swans! Seven swans a swimming.

I missed 8, I will have to see if we have it in our video tomorrow for a screenshot.

Nine ladies dancing.

10 lords a leaping.

11 pipers piping.

And twelve drummers drumming.

Here are the four entrance Christmas trees, two each on the first and second floor.

More swans, this time in a wall decorations.

Really, the theme is swans. This wreath has a large one.

On the bottom of the wreath, The Twelve Days of Christmas is told.

Here is a look at some of those twelve days.

The artwork is different than in the ornaments, with the actual number of drummers, swans, pipers, etc.

Upstairs, the windows have changed from Halloween to Christmas. Mickey and Minnie didn’t go overboard with costumes this year, with Mickey in a hat. The decorations are really nice though.

Minnie doesn’t have a holiday hat or costume, but she also has a lot of ornaments and gifts around her.


Disney’s Grand Floridian looks beautiful for the holidays! It is always fun to see new decor. We will have much more from the holiday season at the parks and resorts in the coming days and weeks.