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D23 Launching Gold Membership Duo Plan for 2021, Phasing Out Gold Family Membership

Hi everyone!

D23 will be launching a new plan for 2021 called the D23 Gold Membership Duo Plan, and at the same time will phase out the D23 Gold Family Membership plan. This starts on January 1st, 2021, and the primary benefit of the new Gold Membership Duo Plan is that the primary membership holder AND the second D23 Gold Member (the “affiliate member”) will receive member cards, membership certificates and access for each member to participate in D23-exclusive experiences.

The Gold Membership Duo Plan also includes one annual Gold Member Collector Set and one annual subscription (four issues) to the Disney twenty-three publication, each sent to the primary member on the account. Read the FAQ below!

Starting in January 2021, current D23 Gold Family Members will have the opportunity to transition at no additional cost to the D23 Gold Membership Duo Plan through the remainder of their current Gold Family Membership term, and automatically** renew to the Gold Duo Plan annually thereafter. Current D23 Gold Members also can upgrade for a fee to the Gold Duo Plan starting in January 2021.


  • Will I still be able to purchase or renew a D23 Gold Family Membership? 

Gold Family Memberships can be purchased or renewed through December 31, 2020. As of January 1, 2021, Gold Family Memberships will no longer be available for purchase or renewal, but existing Gold Family Memberships will be honored through the expiration of each member’s annual term. 

  • How do I transition my D23 Gold Family Membership to the D23 Gold Duo Plan? 

In early January 2021, an email will be sent to all existing D23 Gold Family Members with instructions on how to transition to the D23 Gold Duo plan. Note: D23 Gold Family Members who transition to D23 Gold Duo and current Gold Members who upgrade to Gold Duo will not receive a physical card or certificate for the affiliate member until they renew in 2021. Affiliate D23 Gold Members will receive an email with their member number and benefits upon registration. 

  • For the Gold Duo Plan, what is the difference between primary and affiliate members? 

The initial subscriber and purchaser of the Gold Duo plan will be designated as the primary member, and the additional secondary membership will be designated as the affiliate member. The primary member is responsible for the annual membership payment and receives the Gold Member Collector Set and four quarterly publications. The primary member determines the identity of the affiliate member and is responsible for providing the affiliate member with his or her D23 Gold Membership information to activate the membership. The affiliate’s D23 Gold Membership will terminate at the end of the annual Gold Duo Plan term, and the primary member will be responsible for either renewing or changing the identity of the affiliate member in connection with each renewal of the annual membership.  

  • Gold Family Membership allowed me to bring guests to select D23 events. Will the new Gold Duo plan allow me to bring guests? 

While we will continue to bring you events virtually, upon the return of in-person events, both D23 Gold Duo Plan members will be able to attend separately (or together) and each can bring guest(s) to select D23 events to join in the fun!  

  • I am an affiliate member on a Gold Duo Plan. Can I purchase a second Gold Member Collector Set or the Disney twenty-three publication?
    The Gold Member Collector Set and Disney twenty-three publication cannot be purchased separately


  • I am a D23 Gold Charter Member. Can I become the affiliate member on a D23 Gold Membership Duo Plan and keep my Charter Member status?
    No. In order to maintain your D23 Charter Membership status, you must be an individual D23 Gold Member or the primary member on the D23 Gold Membership Duo Plan.