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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Decorations – Photo & Video Tour 2020

Hi everyone!

We went to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground last night to enjoy the Christmas decorations that guests put up. It is quieter this year for the holiday seasons (including Halloween) with no golf cart parades and such, but guests still did an AMAZING job with decorating their sites. We also saw a few decorated golf carts but were mostly there after dark so I don’t have a lot of photos of them.

The Christmas tree is up in the Settlement of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.

The wreaths were refreshed a year or two back.

Here is a look at the Settlement.

This is our video followed by a photo tour!

The Christmas tree turned on while we were eating.

We picked up dinner first before walking around. P&J’s Southern Takeout has a special turkey meal this week (which is excellent) and then we purchased an 8 piece meal with plenty for leftovers. It is always a great value for a really good meal.

We had mobile order issues earlier in the day and ended up being given desserts with our meal. This cupcake with Chip ‘N Dale on it is adorable!

When it was getting dark, we walked around the campground.

Mickey is here in the campsite closest to the Settlement.

This campsite allowed guests to write letters to Santa and included candy canes and hand sanitizer.

Minnie and Olaf are among the inflatables. 

Mickey and Minnie “Happy Holidays”.

In 2020, Mrs. Claus looks like she is holding a roll of toilet paper. I will probably never think otherwise again.

“Droid to the World”.

Poppy with a Baby Yoda print.

Kylo Ren stands next to Mickey.

I loved this decoration, which looks like a large ornament and has handmade 101 Dalmatians characters.

Some guests create handmade artwork and there was a lot at this campsite.

The same campsite had what looks like more handmade Disney decorations, including Chip and Dale, Pluto and Minnie.

Mickeys are nearby.

This is an AMAZING display with 66 Stormtroopers dressed in their holiday best! The lighting is so well done and the way the Stormtroopers are laid out within the lighting.

The costumes are really fun!

It is very hard to get a full photo of them.

Kylo Ren stands next to Luke and Han Solo. 

C-3PO is dressed in a Minnie sweater.

There are also several Yoda figures.

This site is one of my favorites ever – it is just really a lot of fun.

At another site, the dalmatians are next to a fire in an RV window (with Baby Yoda/Grogu peeking out).


Mickey is nearby.

Mickey and Minnie stand next to a decorative streetlamp.

A deer stands watch.

Frosty hangs out with Mickey, Minnie and Rudolph.

An AT-AT wears a Santa hat.

We didn’t see all the decorations but walked around for a couple of hours. Many guests rent golf carts to enjoy them.

Mickey holds his arms out.


The Grinch comes out of a chimney.

In the Meadows Trading Post, Mickey hasn’t changed clothes but there are holiday decorations around him.

The Bike Barn is decorated.

And we saw a real deer family while walking out to our car.

Hopefully next year the golf cart parades can resume.

It was nice spending a relatively quiet evening at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground while enjoying dinner and Christmas decorations (and wildlife!)