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Gideon’s Bakehouse Now Open at Disney Springs, Photos and Video of the New Location

Hi everyone!

Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs soft opened this past week. This is the second location for Gideon’s, the first being in East End Market in Orlando. Known for 1/2 pound cookies ($6) and delicious cake slices ($9) –  (and if you go to the original location, full-size cakes if ordering ahead), Gideon’s is a fantastic addition to Disney Springs. We have been to the East End Market just a handful of times – it is an hour each way from our home – so I’m glad for the Walt Disney World location.

There were only about 10 guests when I arrived at 9:23 a.m. This was Gideon’s second day of operation. I had an optometrist appointment on opening day and actually it worked out much better for the line. Gideon’s opened 10 minutes early and I was done at the time the shop would normally open (10:00 a.m.). For guests arriving later, there was a virtual line.

An employee was handing out the December menus that guests could keep. The Original Chocolate Chip cookie was sold for quite a while at The Polite Pig in Disney Springs (as well as regularly at East End Market). My favorite cookie is Cookies & Cream (of the cookies I’ve had). I was told they aren’t planning to have full-size cakes here but you never know. I ordered a cake for my birthday in August from the original location.

There are also Nitro Cold Brews on tap. I don’t drink coffee but Jeff may try one at some point.

The two menus are identical on the menu side but one includes Santa on the front and the other Cookie Vom Krampus (Gideon’s as of this writing has limited prints of both on their website).

You get a very good idea of what is inside the building by looking at the outside.

There is a Hot Cookie Hour each night. Gideon’s says of this, to enjoy our Classic Chocolate Chip straight from the oven every day at 7 pm. Served with or without Homemade Ice Cream for $9.

Gideon’s is known for the half pound cookies.

Here is a look at how Gideon’s Bakehouse looks from near Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. It is also next to Wine Bar George and on the other side of Morimoto Asia.

There is a gargoyle that was added days earlier.

It didn’t take long for me to go in.

A Gideon’s employee opened the door for each group. It is a small shop so even the 9 or so guests in front of me didn’t all make it in during the first opening.


My first view was of the lighting fixtures. 

Here is a video I took of Gideon’s.

There is a backstory to Disney Springs and often to the different locations within it. Gideon’s Bakehouse has leaned heavily into its own theme. Outside of the building it mentions Lindwurm books, and the backstory is that this was a rare books and antiquities shop. Gideon’s has said they will give more details on that as their story unfolds.

Gideon’s says of the artwork on the walls, “Say hello to a new cast of odd characters framed in our wall that will watch you as you wait in line”.

There is a bookcase in this corner.

Signage is really nicely done here but also informative. That includes allergy information and number of cookies allowed for purchase.

The backstory is that the original owner was named Jonathan Lindwurm, and there are photos of him in the shop.

It is hard to miss the display of cakes at the front.

Here is more of the artwork on the walls.

They have a Tim Burton style.

There is a 6 cookies per person limit, and limited edition items are 2 per person.


Cookies are shown in a display as guests pass by it. Employees gave information on each.

Gideon’s says of their Red Velvet Cake that it is a traditional buttermilk based cake with “the best cream cheese frosting” and then covered with candied walnuts. Red velvet is very hit or miss for me, but this is a very moist cake with a ton of cream cheese.

Ask for that day’s selection of cake slices. The Red Velvet looks like it will be standard and then there is a double frosted selection each day and a daily chocolate slice.

This is a very cool visual in front of each register.

I purchased two cookies and two cake slices (all items are to-go). If purchasing cake slices, you may want to have a bag on hand to set them into.

The Original Chocolate Chip is what many know from Disney Springs and of course East End Market. The cookie is like half chocolate chips and delicious.

This is my favorite cookie, the Cookies and Cream. Gideon’s calls it their “cult cookie” and says: It’s like a Cookies & Cream milkshake in a Cookie. It starts with our ultra-soft vanilla bean cookie filled with chunks of hand-cut Double Stuff. We top it with a complete covering over crushed cookies to solidify Cookies & Cream in a way you’ve never experienced.

If you like Oreos, definitely pick this one up.

The Red Velvet is very heavy in frosting (as other slices are). I picked up a slice for a family member and then one to try. Red velvet cake can be a little dry sometimes, but this cake is very moist.

There are windows outside of Gideon’s to look in. During the day it can be a little hard to see in.

Books and candles are in this window.

A G for Gideon’s is in this window.

I had never heard of this book title, but The Haunted Pajamas is from 1911.

Gideon’s Bakehouse is a fantastic addition to Disney Springs! The shop already has such a following and this will allow many more visitors to discover why Gideon’s is so popular in Central Florida.