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Cinderella Castle Projection Photos from Christmas Week at the Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom a couple of nights ago, it was the first (and only) time we’ve seen the holiday projections with the fireworks bursts in between the transitions. It was a beautiful night with a full moon and low clouds, making for some really nice photo opportunities. The holiday season ends December 31st, 2020 at Walt Disney World.

While the parks have been busier this week than earlier in the season, we arrived in the evening and had plenty of room to walk around.

I alternated between my iPhone and a new Sony mirrorless camera that I am learning.

Here is our video followed by photos.

The full moon was stunning with the clouds! We had seen the projections just once (on the first day of the holiday season) and I am glad we ended up picking this night to visit again.

I hadn’t noticed it when taking photos, but this looks almost like Mickey in them above Cinderella Castle.

The hub was relatively empty by this time.

We stayed for the four projections – seeing each at least once.


The reflections in the water were really gorgeous. Upside down they have a lot of clarity.

The lighting around Cinderella Castle looked really nice. 


Here is a view from Tomorrowland.

The fireworks bursts are a nice touch. These were just quick bursts, every 15 minutes as the castle projections changed.

I enjoy taking photos from this angle too, with the archway framing Cinderella Castle.

The turrets have projections too. 

Another burst of fireworks in blue.

Cinderella Castle reflection.

This burst had red and green fireworks.

Here are more fireworks.

Our last view of the Christmas tree this year.

A quick look at the Grand Floridian Walkway as we headed back.

And the Electrical Water Pageant restarted again about a week ago, I look forward to seeing it more next week.

I do hope for the holidays to be more normal in 2021 but I’m glad we’ve had a really nice holiday season at Walt Disney World including at the Magic Kingdom.