Amazing Chalk Art Returns to 2021 Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts kicked off last week and runs from January 8 – February 22, 2021. One of my favorite aspects of the festival is the chalk art that the talented artists create on the sidewalk between Future World and World Showcase. Here is a look at some of that art from the first couple of days we visited!

There is a sign announcing that chalk art can be found here.

Chicago-based street artist Nate Baranowski was creating his signature 3D art when we arrived on opening day. I will have the full artwork below in the article. He generally has one piece completed per week.

Leigh is the other artist who can create chalk art with Disney themes. She is also very talented!

Leigh had already chalked this colorful Sorcerer Mickey design.

Here is the Minnie Mouse with a heart and Joe Gardner from “Soul”.

This is a closer look at Minnie Mouse.

The Joe Gardner art is one of my favorites she’s done. She really captured him so well.

The artwork can be found along both sides of the walkway.

Last year, Nate Baranowski had created Frozen 2 3D artwork with the characters. This year with The Nokk from the film. Guests can even step into the art and pose with it for photos.

There is an instruction on where to stand.

Baranowski had also created Beauty and the Beast themed art for opening day.

Leigh chalked Olaf with Anna.

She also had a completed Donald yesterday.

Leigh doesn’t just create Disney chalk art, but occasionally chalks other artwork too. This is based on a white bull by Franz Marc.

This is by “RHawk” based on a Monet.

And Brin chalked this artwork inspired by August Macke’s “Little Walter’s Toys”.

I will be sharing more of the chalk art as the Taste of Epcot International Festival of the Arts continues! If you attend the festival, make sure to check out this fantastic art. The chalk art is refreshed pretty often and rain can speed it up.