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Pirate & Princess Weekends Event Returns to Gaylord Palms with New Show (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Gaylord Palms is presenting Pirate & Princess Weekends from January 8, 2021 – March 7, 2021. We were invited to experience the Pirate Outpost Invasion, which is an impressive and lively themed show experience in Old Hickory within the Everglades Atrium. The cost for this 30-minute experience is $16.99 plus tax, per person; or included with the Pirate & Princess Weekends Package weekend stays. Here is a look at Pirate Post Invasion and a few other elements of the event!

Jeff is inside a photo op for Pirates & Princess Weekends that is in the atrium.

The atmosphere is really nicely done.

A sign welcomes guests to the Pirate Outpost Invasion, with pricing.

Here is our full video of the experience followed by many more photos.

There is a Pirate and Princess Weekends listing of offerings that also includes a Pirate Pool Party and Pirate & Princess Light Display.

The sign at Old Hickory says “Everglades Outpost”.  Not only is the entertainment enjoyable, but the design is above much of what Gaylord Palms has done before and that is saying something. Even with the pandemic, Gaylord Palms has been offering terrific entertainment options.

There are social distancing markers on the ground.

Here is a “Pirate Speakeasy” where guests can buy creative drinks and I will show that later.


Guests are moved through several rooms. In the first one, a pirate sings. He really interacts quite a bit with the audience and I found the song a lot of fun.

Guests are seated at tables. We were told that there would be plexiglass added between tables to add more guests. We were with an audience that totaled about 10.

The next room includes Princess Orangeblossom and features a duel.

The various show elements are engaging.


We were brought Captain’s Brew. We waited to drink it until we were in the atrium since we don’t eat or drink around other people indoors. It has a Butterbeer taste to it (cream soda and whipped cream).

There is a map on the wall.

And in the last room, we received our pirate name from the captain.

The captain had us repeat an oath.

He then filled out the certificate.

We were invited for a drink to the Pirate Speakeasy. There are a number of choices.

The bar is cozy and has a bust that talks to guests.

The pirate was a really fun addition to the speakeasy.

This is the drink we shared, the Captain’s Private Stock. I wish we had ordered one more on our own now, this was an excellent drink and they are all creative.

This is Jeff’s pirate certificate.

We had our drinks in the beautiful atrium. If you’ve not been to Gaylord Palms, the atrium is gorgeous and includes alligators, lush gardens, waterfalls and fish. We have stayed here many times and the atrium rooms are wonderful – it is climate controlled.

Here are some of the alligators.


The Pirate and Princess Light Display is a continuous light show with no sound.

A skull and crossbones can be seen here.

We enjoyed our evening at Gaylord Palms for Pirate and Princess Weekends!

Honestly, in a normal year we’d probably be going back on our own because we had such a good time. During the holidays, I’m always amazed that one hotel can host so much entertainment – and Gaylord Palms always tries to top itself. While Pirate & Princess Weekends is a smaller event than the holidays, no less thought was put into the theming and entertainment we experienced.

Masks are mandatory in the hotel and the performers do wear masks.

Gaylord Palms hosted us for the event and a drink, our opinions are all ours. You can see our overview video to get an idea of what to expect at this wonderful offering from the resort.