Disneyland Paris Shares a “Zen Moments” One-Hour Relaxation Video of Fantasyland

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris has posted another Zen Moments video, this time an hour in Fantasyland. Back in October, they shared Adventureland and I have that below too. Disneyland Paris says of these videos, Relax and refresh your senses and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Disneyland Paris. Showcasing the talent and the works of Disneyland Paris Cast Members and Imagineers, ZEN Moments invites you to a voyage through the beauties and uniqueness of our destination, into the lands built by the imagination, creativity and talents of our teams.

The scenes do repeat and there are birds chirping. This is not a video tour of Disneyland Paris, it is meant for relaxing (like a Yule Log during Christmas) and includes various views of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Here is the hour of Adventureland with the waterfalls.

The videos are a nice way to start the day, with a little quietness and beauty from one of my favorite places to visit. Also I recommend subscribing to the Disneyland Paris YouTube Channel – they occasionally have watch parties with professionally shot prerecorded shows, and also some other interesting content.

Disneyland Paris parks are currently closed until April 2nd, 2021 due to the pandemic.