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Actor Jim Doyle Continues to Spread Magic by Creating and Selling Castle Watercolor Artwork (Updated 2/9/21)

Hi everyone –
I am updating this article on February 9th, 2021 with two new pieces of artwork! The original article was published October 30th, 2020.
Our friend Jim Doyle has been selling his watercolor castle artwork since being furloughed as entertainment from the Walt Disney Company. Those furloughs became more permanent this past week. I asked Jim’s wife Nicole (from Sparkly Ever After) if I could showcase his beautiful work for those looking to help support our Cast Members and at the same time, enjoy one of Jim’s pieces in their own home (or give it as a gift during the holidays). Jim studied fine art before becoming part of live entertainment at the parks. Read below for more information!
Jim Doyle started his career with The Walt Disney Company in 2006 and has worked in many theater related roles before and since then as an improviser, writer, actor, director, host and, little known fact, even as Stage Manager at Yale Opera. Before discovering his passion for live entertainment, improv and acting Jim studied for a career in fine art.
Jim created his first watercolor castle years ago for an auction that he and Nicole organized for her young cousin who was battling leukemia. Nicole and Jim spend a lot of time doing things for others, including volunteering at Give Kids the World Village. The painting was very popular and he painted more to help raise funds for the family’s medical expenses. And when Jim was furloughed from the Walt Disney Company, he started painting them to offer in Nicole’s shop ( It has allowed Jim to help provide for them safely from home and be productive as well through creativity. 
These castles are inspired by one we all know and love but, if you look closely, quite different and his own interpretation of a fairytale castle. 
Here are the two newest pieces of artwork.
Jim has his own page on Nicole’s website –
I hope we can see our entertainment Cast return again soon, but for now I’m really happy to be able to highlight the work of a talented friend . I purchased a piece of his artwork and it looks even nicer in person!