Disneyland Resort Photos from my March 2020 Trip Before Parks Closed

Hi everyone –

I wanted to share 60 photos of my Disneyland trip last year from March 4th – 9th, 2020. I went on the solo trip for a Bowers Museum event and extended my stay to catch up with friends and visit Disneyland. I was not expecting parks to close as quickly as they did nor of course for Disneyland to be closed now (but it does appear reopening is soon). I have a few thousand photos from this visit and whittled them down – they are mostly in the order I took them.

This is my first photo walking into Disneyland on March 9th.

The parks were not that busy for the first few days due to a large convention nearby canceling.

I was able to view the “Magic Happens” parade several times during my visit. The parade is really well done.

My first time seeing “Magic Happens” was on the evening I arrived. The parade was running day and evening and I thought it looked beautiful at night.

I mentioned a convention had canceled. I had had a hard time securing any hotel room for weeks before my trip, finally finding a Best Western room. But when the convention canceled a day prior to my trip, I was able to move to Homewood Suites Convention Center. It is normally out of budget and I’ve wanted to stay there since it opened. The location was really good for the bus to Disneyland and I loved the hotel.

Arriving to the esplanade the first full day.

After a quick morning I went to the Bowers Museum for a grand opening of “Inside the Walt Disney Archives: 50 Years of Preserving the Magic”.

There was a ribbon cutting.

The exhibit is really great but unfortunately has not been open much. While we have video of it, I didn’t post an article last year because it closed so quickly but I will change that soon.

Back at Disneyland, longtime Fire Engine driver Steve waved as I passed.

I didn’t have tickets for Pixar Nite but was still thinking about it.

A view of Sleeping Beauty Castle while walking through it.

Because it wasn’t busy, we were able to get a ride on Rise of the Resistance. I think this is the last time I rode the attraction in either park. We don’t spend much time in indoor attractions here in Orlando yet. We just had our first vaccine shots so we’ll do a little more indoor at the end of April.

I bought a ticket for Pixar Nite just after it started. I had been up almost 24 hours by this time so I really was not expecting to go. I’m glad I did. I haven’t written this event up (see notes lower at the end the article about my website upgrade last summer) but I think I will in the near future. The price was a little high but I really enjoyed the evening.

The Cars characters were out.

I stopped by to pick up my AP magnet.

Ian and Barley from Onward were making their west coast debut.

Minnie met guests in a Buzz Lightyear inspired costume.

This is always a beautiful view at Disney California Adventure.

Roz was part of a Monsters Inc. dance party.

The next morning, Ian and Barley made their non-Pixar party debut.

This is my favorite billboard at DCA, with Wall-E and Eve.

I finally made it to Salt & Straw. I think I ended up going 3 times. The ice cream is really good.

I stopped by to see our friend Mcbiff, who was creating and selling his artwork during the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

I met up with friends and ended up with an unexpected and lovely dinner at Club 33.

The pink blossoms were gorgeous at this time.

The weather was beautiful most of the trip and made for nice photos of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This was before we knew it’d be Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

A look at the dolphins of it’s a small world.

A duck greeted me on the way into the ride.

Mickey’s Toontown opened at 9:00 a.m. and I rope dropped it a couple of times.

Pluto posed for photos.

Pink blossoms looked really nice in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

I picked up a drink and the new mug at the Craftsman Bar.

Phat Cat Swinger was playing for the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. They are terrific, so much energy and talent.

The Grizzly River Run bear is always a favorite to see.

The spring break crowds did start arriving.

I stopped to listen to a band.

Here is a wide angle with the Matterhorn to the right.

I went to Disney California Adventure soon after, and they were seating guests on gondolas by themselves.

I passed by Disgust at Emotional Whirlwind.

Lamplight Lounge is not inexpensive but the potato skins are my favorite (of almost any dish at Disneyland Resort) and pair well with sangria. I miss this experience more than almost anything at Disneyland Resort. I wish I’d made it over to Trader Sam’s this visit too.


I didn’t expect to get a good view of “Magic Happens” on my last day – the park was a lot busier, but a nice family had a small area near them and were nice enough to let me sit there.

It is hard to believe the parade only had a two-week run but hopefully it will be able to pick up where it left off in the relatively near future. The performers really made this parade.

The Sword in the Stone float performers were a guest favorite.

Pink blossoms and the Matterhorn.

I watched the fun Jammin’ Chefs show several times, it was my first time ever seeing it.

The Festival had a beer garden.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ended up becoming one of my favorite attractions at the Disneyland Resort when it opened.

Trolley Treats had created Onward art that day.

Treats around the resort included these bunny bottom Rice Krispie treats.

Blooms surrounded the Partners statue.


The Matterhorn always makes for a pretty picture.

A submarine passed by.

The Mickey themed monorail passes through the esplanade.


I went back and forth on making this trip and am glad I went – especially since I had some extra time to spend with friends over the 5 days I was there and was able to use my Disneyland Annual Pass for one more trip. I hadn’t posted a lot of these photos yet, I had an antiquated and slow website a year ago (which changed last summer with a big upgrade and move to WordPress) and now I’m able to share a lot more at a faster rate.

It doesn’t feel like this trip was a year ago. I look forward to getting back when it is possible to do so in whatever form admission will take now that our Annual Passes have been refunded.