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A Visit to the (Open!) Via Napoli Pizza Window from March 24th, 2021

Hi everyone!

While at Epcot a few days back (March 24th), I was looking for somewhere to pick up a snack and noticed that the Via Napoli pizza window – Pizza al Taglio – was open. It has been quite a long time since I’ve been in the Italy pavilion when the window was open so we stopped in to split a slice of pizza and a cannoli.

Here is a look at the menu, which includes Pizza Pepperoni for $8.25 and Pizza Margherita for $7.50. “al Taglio” means “by the cut” or “by the slice”. Then there is the Connolo Siciliano, which is the singular form for cannoli. There are also quite a few drink options.

The location had no line when we arrived just after the park opened.

It was quite the surprise for me to see it open. It never is when I’ve looked for it to be.

Here is a look at the two kinds of pizza. A Cast Member said it is the same recipe as at Pizza Ponte in Disney Springs. I only purchase the thin crust pizza at Pizza Ponte and never the thicker slices – but the pizza here is decent.

The pepperoni slices are what I have come to expect at Via Napoli and Pizza Ponte. The crust was crispy. The pizza is better than the last time we purchased slices here at least a few years back – I would stop here again for a quick meal. The cannoli was small, maybe 2 bites worth. It was good, but small for the price.

There are a number of tables nearby. Guests soon put the umbrellas up since it was so sunny already.

This beautiful and large display of flowers for Taste of Epcot Flower & Garden Festival made a pretty view.


I don’t know what the dates or hours for Pizza al Taglio are or will be. I look forward to getting back soon to Via Napoli, which is my favorite Epcot restaurant – but for a quick slice, I definitely will head back (if open) to the pizza window.