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Main Street Cinema & Emporium Now Selling Candy, Snacks as Main Street Confectionery and The Chapeau Close for Refurbishment

Hi everyone!

The Main Street Confectionery is now closed for a major refurbishment, as is The Chapeau. The Main Street Cinema and Main Street Emporium are now currently selling candy, some treats and other items that were sold in the Main Street Confectionery.

Here is our video and then photos and information!

The Disney Parks Blog said about the Main Street Confectionery refurbishment, that “this iconic location will soon receive a fresh new look, expanded layout with more room to shop and interactive opportunities to customize your confections like never before.”

The Chapeau is currently closed and hats and embroidery are now in Town Square Theater. I will show that later in the article.

Signs on The Chapeau tell guests to go to Box Office Gifts at Town Square Theater.

During the World’s Most Magical Celebration later this year, this ear hat in the window seems a good purchase.

Signs on the Main Street Confectionery point to the Main Street Cinema.

There are smaller signs in the windows. One small sign is near Daisy Duck.

And there is a sign near Louie.

It is just steps away to packaged candy, treats, candy apples and more.

The marquee still says that it is showing The Art of Disney, but the art is now at Bonjour! Village Gifts during the refurbishment.

Here is a look before walking into the space. I will show the Main Street Emporium a little later in the article too.

There is a variety of prepackaged items available.

Cotton candy can be found here.

In the center of the room, there are some items like candy apples and Rice Krispie treats. What is not at this location that was at the Main Street Confectionery is anything like cupcakes, fudge, etc.

There are also candy apples to the left. The registers are ahead.

Here is a look at some of the caramel apples.

Goofy’s Candy Company snacks line this wall.

There are potato chips and other snacks.

This section includes tea and coffee.

The monorail display was moved here.

There are aprons and oven mitts.

Minnie’s sweets.

Curtain Call Collectibles at Town Square Theater offers a modest selection of hats plus embroidery (the sign earlier said Box Office Gifts).

The entrance will be familiar, it is to the right hand side of the building.

Here is a look inside.

Embroidery is at the register.

The Emporium has a section of the same treats, candy and snacks.

The section is to the right.

This is an overview of the area.

To the left are caramel apples and other items.

There is a display with popcorn.

And a Goofy’s Candy Company display.

We will have video of the temporary hat location as well this week and much more from the Magic Kingdom in the coming days!