Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Cinderella Castle Update from April 9th, 2021 with Turret Decor and Stage Refurbishment

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom yesterday and I have an update on Cinderella Castle as more additions have been placed on it for the 50th Anniversary that kicks off as “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”. The stage work is still ongoing and the royal blue we can see on the castle is also being added to some buildings behind it. Here are photos and video from yesterday!

Here is our video and then pictures.

Cinderella Castle makes a great backdrop to the cavalcades as they proceed down Main Street U.S.A.

Here is a look at the front of Cinderella Castle. Turret decorations have been added in the past few days.

The turrets with decorations remind me of the Disneyland Hotel Tinker Bell Sorcerer’s Hat entrance in shape with the gold swirls.

The swag pieces are completely on now.

From this side, you can see the turret decorations.

Part of the moat on this side is blocked for work.

The walkway on this side is blocked while a crane is here.

The work on the stage is continuing.

Some of the heating elements can still be seen.

While I was taking photos of the stage, Mickey & Friends could be seen interacting with guests from the train station.

Looking toward Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, the moat here is still drained.

Here is a look at this side of Cinderella Castle.

Looking toward Main Street with the empty moat.

And looking up toward the back of Cinderella Castle.

The crane can be seen here.

Royal blue has been added to this building.

Cinderella Castle is shaping up nicely for the 50th anniversary and more is still being added to it for The World’s Most Magical Celebration.