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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Photo Walk 2021 – A Tour of Resort in Over 120 Photos After Reopening

Hi everyone!

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort reopened on March 22nd, 2021 after a year closed due to the pandemic. While this is the first of Disney’s All Star Resorts to reopen, it is the third Value resort to reopen (Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort reopened last year). Things look a little different as they do at the parks and resorts with plexiglass, distancing markers and more informational signage but otherwise things are mostly as usual, with the shop and food court open and all the large icons guests enjoy.

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort was the most requested Value resort (way) back when I was a travel agent and it is still popular with guests due to the fun themes. I posted a photo walk in 2012 and it isn’t very different now. Here is my photo walk on 2 pages along with a 20 minute video tour!

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Disney’s All Star Resorts are in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom area. The other Value resorts – Disney’s Pop Century and Disney’s Art of Animation – are on the Disney Skyliner with easy access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

The bus stop is out front near the “All Star Movies” letters.

Guests can walk the red carpet to enter Cinema Hall.

The welcome mat says “Disney’s All Star Resort”.

Here is our video of the resort.

The lobby has signage letting guests know to wear their masks, give distance to other guests and such. This information is all over property.

There is plexiglass at the check-in counter. Guests can also check in via the app, which we have done at several resorts since the parks reopened.

Behind the counter, there is a large mural that includes the Chinese Theater.

The Team Disney Building in Burbank with the Seven Dwarfs is also in the mural.

The El Capital and Fox Westwood Village are also here.

Nearby, Donald’s Double Feature sells resort goods including apparel and sundries.

Donald hangs from the top.

There are various posters and also a couple of cases in Cinema Hall, including this Star Wars themed case.

The World Premiere Food Court is on the left side from here. Currently most guests use mobile order before entering. Mobile ordering is widely used now and very convenient. We have ordered at the register here recently to use our Tables in Wonderland discount.

Guests pick up their orders at the tables to the left hand side. This is different than in usual times when guests visit each station to order food items.

Newer movies like Raya and the Last Dragon and Soul are behind the pick-up tables.

I could post dozens of photos just of the food court, there are some interesting elements. One of those is the chairs that look like film strips. And the roast turkey dinner here was very good.

Reel Fun Arcade is still closed.

I will show more of the Fantasia Pool later in the article. This is right outside Cinema Hall. There are two pools, the other being the Duck Pond Pool in The Mighty Ducks section.

A Fantasia broom holds two buckets.

Disney’s All Star Movies does have directories around the resort. There are 5 themed sections – Toy Story, The Mighty Ducks, The Love Bug, Fantasia, and 101 Dalmations.

Silver Screen Spirits is where guests can purchase a variety of drinks including cocktails, beer and wine.

Here are a just few of the choices. There is a decent sized beer menu too.

I normally time the walk to give an idea of how long it takes me. I didn’t this time. I photographed it similarly back in 2012 and the the whole walk took me about 15 minutes without photographing.

We are walking toward the Toy Story section.

Along the way there is a playground.

Outside Cinema Hall, The Reel Spot is used as an area to show Disney movies in the evening but it is also used as an outdoor seating area for the food court. It was a little dark inside but cool because of all the shade.

The Toy Story section is nicely situated close to Cinema Hall.

There are Bucket O Soldiers hiding the stairways.

Green Army Men are on the top of the buildings and Sheriff badges are on the buildings.

There is an RC Racer to pose with.

Buzz and Woody can be seen larger-than-life past the door.

The sign says it is Andy’s room.

Woody sits to the right hand side with blocks that spell out his name.

Andy’s name is on the bottom of his boot.

Across the way, Buzz Lightyear faces Woody with Bo Peep and Rex nearby.

Large checkers are also part of the theming.

Rex can be seen with Woody behind him.

Bo holds her staff.

A pull-string is on the back of Woody.

Along the way, there are health and safety reminders. The health and safety signage has been posted since the parks and resorts started reopening.

We are walking back toward the Fantasia area.

Benches can be found along the way.

The photo walk continues on page 2!