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A Visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park on Earth Day 2021 (Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

We visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom park yesterday on Earth Day, which was also the 23rd anniversary of the park. I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on opening day in 1998 and it is hard to believe so many years have passed since then. It was a low-key day, with a few Disney characters added for Earth Week. Here are 25 photos from yesterday!

There was a sign that said “Earth Day Celebration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”.

It was a gorgeous day and I stopped for a photo of the Tree of Life.

The Festive Flotillas made their way down the Discovery River, including Pocohantas and Meeko.

Here is our video of all the Festive Flotillas.

Donald and Daisy were with Launchpad McQuack as part of the Donald’s Dino-Bash Festive Flotilla boats.

These distanced greetings allow a lot of guests to enjoy them.

Mickey and Minnie (with Pluto) were next.

Koda and Kenai were added for Earth Week.

Also from Donald’s Dino-Bash were Chip & Dale and Goofy.

Russell from Up also had a distanced greeting for Earth Week, located at Conservation Station. He was at the Wildlife Express train station.

Now for some of the animals we saw yesterday.

There were a few ostriches walking by when we were on the train.

It was nice to see the Komodo dragon out along the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

I rarely have gotten this good a view of any of the Komodo dragons that have been here.

We saw one bat along the way.

This was the only bat we saw yesterday.

My favorite part of the Maharajah Jungle Trek is seeing the tigers. We found one out at the time we walked through.

He was having dinner, it looked like frozen meat (as part of enrichment).

Without the zoom, this was my view.

And two more with the zoom.

There were Victoria crowned pigeons out and about in the aviary.

Toward the front of the park, the otters were swimming in their grotto.

And a duck was standing on a rock while we left the park.

It was a very nice day to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We didn’t ride Kilimanjaro Safaris because the line was relatively long even until we left (at almost 7:00 pm).

This was a very relaxing afternoon – not too busy, with the animals pretty active in the areas we went. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a beautiful park that has evolved over the years.