Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Video Shares a Look at the Care of Alice’s Curious Labyrynth

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris shared a video today that shows how Alice’s Curious Labyrynth is being cared for by the gardeners in Fantasyland. Alain Venant, gardener at Disneyland Paris for about 15 years, talks about the work that he does in the video below. Alice’s Curious Labyrynth is a unique experience at the park and a must-do each trip for us.

Venant takes care of the vegetation in Fantasyland but especially Alice’s Curious Labyrynth. There are more than 80 gardeners at Disneyland Paris between the parks, resorts and golf course. There is a lot that goes into tending to Alice’s Curious Labyrynth – just the Cheshire Cat has 3000 flowers that are changed out 2-3 times per year.

Venant also says that Alice’s Curious Labyrynth is 2.5 kilometers with 3000 plants, but with 3 sides needing pruning that it is like 7k of hedges. I never thought about how much work goes into keeping the hedge maze so nice.

After finding your way through Alice’s Curious Labyrynth, your “prize” is getting to climb the stairs of the Queen of Hearts Castle and having a wonderful view of Fantasyland including Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The Disneyland Paris parks have been closed since the end of October due to the pandemic. It is amazing to see how much work still is going on to beautify the parks for guests when they reopen.