Disneyland Paris

“Live From the Magic at Disneyland Paris” Episode 2 Includes Behind-the-Scenes Look at Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Hi everyone!

Mathias and Chloë bring a second episode of Insidears “Live from the Magic at Disneyland Paris”. They meet with the attraction maintenance teams at Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, and the Imagineers in charge of landscaping at Cars Road Trip. This is a really great behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Disneyland Paris, which has been closed since October due to the pandemic – but a lot of work is going on. And we even get to see a view from the top of Hyperspace Mountain!

The work being shown on Big Thunder Mountain cannot be done in one night while the parks are open since it is a month just to work on the frame.

Disneyland Paris has been showcasing quite a bit of the parks over the months – from maintenance to horticulture, construction, beautifying and more. It is nice to be able to see what is going on at the parks during the time closed. And it is pretty amazing to see how much work goes into just landscaping Cars Road Trip!