10 Fun Facts About “Luca”, Disney and Pixar’s Upcoming Film Debuting on Disney+ June 18th, 2021

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Disney and Pixar’s “Luca” debuts June 18th, 2021 on Disney+. This is probably the movie I am looking forward to most this year. “Luca” includes a unique story of friendship, a sun-drenched Italian setting and a gorgeous color palette. Disney shared some fun facts about the movie, including how the character of Alberto is inspired by director Enrico Casarosa’s childhood friend (also named Alberto). Casarosa talks more about that in the book The Art of Luca.

Here are 10 fun facts about the film!

“Luca” is directed by Enrico Casarosa (“La Luna”) and produced by Andrea Warren (“Lava,” “Cars 3”). © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

BEST FRIENDS – The character of Alberto is inspired by director Enrico Casarosa’s own childhood best friend, also named Alberto.

SCALE IT BACK – Sea monster Luca has 3,436 scales on his body.

QUICK COMMUTE – Jack Dylan Grazer (voice of Alberto) recorded every single line of dialogue inside his mother’s closet.

CAMEO – Director Enrico Casarosa provides the voice of the winning card player in Portorosso who shouts “Scopa!” He is also the fisherman in the boat who yells to a speeding boat, “What’s wrong with you, Stupido!

ON THE BALL – The iconic yellow, red and blue Pixar ball can be spotted on a rooftop as the Portorosso Cupbike race gets underway.

PIECE OF PIE – Keep an eye out for the Pizza Planet truck in the form of a Piaggio Ape parked on a street in Portorosso.

TICKET TO RIDE – The number on the train is 94608, which is the zip code of Pixar’s hometown Emeryville.

DELIZIOSO! – Filmmakers traveled to Italy to research the local culture, architecture and overall feeling of the film’s setting. Food was a welcome highlight of their research. Director Enrico Casarosa, who’s a native of Italy, even treated team members to dinner at his parents’ house in Genoa.

KEEPING IT LOCAL – All of the background kid voices in the film were recorded by local children in Italy.

THAT’S AMORE – “Luca” director Enrico Casarosa was inspired in part by Italian films of the 1950s, including “La Strada” and “Roman Holiday,” among others. Pixar-created posters for both appear in the film.

Here is a trailer for the film!