Review: “Mr. DNA’s Book of Dinosaurs” (Jurassic World) Little Golden Book

Hi everyone!

I purchased Mr. DNA’S Book of Dinosaurs from Little Golden Books to review. Mr. DNA first appeared in the film Jurassic Park and we also have most recently seen him in a VelociCoaster queue film at Universal Studios Orlando. Now he is in this 24-page Little Golden Book for kids (or adult fans of Mr. DNA) by Arie Kaplan.

Mr. DNA tells the reader where dinosaurs for Jurassic World came from (dinosaur DNA in fossils). He then talks about what dinosaurs were created. They include the Triceratops, the Pteranodons and the Velociraptors. There is a very small amount of information for each dinosaur. For example, the T-Rex is called the queen of the dinosaurs, and is “as big as a two-story building”. The book also mentions that the T-Rex has powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Mr. DNA’s Book of Dinosaurs is not a deep-dive into dinosaurs – it’s a Little Golden Book – but it is a nice introduction for kids to Mr. DNA, dinosaurs and Jurassic World.

Information from Little Golden Book on Mr. DNA’s Book of Dinosaurs: Mr. DNA, the friendly animated strand of DNA who first appeared in Jurassic Park, stars in his own Little Golden Book! And like his movie counterpart, he’ll take young fans on a tour of their favorite prehistoric creatures from T. rex to Triceratops and from Brachiosaurus to Blue the Velociraptor. Mr. DNA’s Book of Dinosaurs is perfect for young dinosaur fans ages 3 to 5 and parents who remember him fondly.


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