Book Review: Disney “Jungle Cruise” Little Golden Book

Hi everyone!

I ordered the Disney “Jungle Cruise” Little Golden Book to review. This 24-page book for children is one of several that feature Disney attractions this year (it’s a small world and Haunted Mansion are the other two). “Jungle Cruise” is written by Brooke Vitale and is illustrated by Paul Conrad and the Disney Storybook Art Team.

The tag line says, “This Little Golden Book takes readers through the iconic Disney Parks’ Jungle Cruise attraction — just in time for the live-action Jungle Cruise film!”

The book is focused on the Disney parks version of the attraction, not the movie. The Jungle Cruise boat is the 1955 version with the red and white awning, although the costumes of the Jungle Cruise skipper and the adult female passenger remind me more of the characters in the film just in terms of costumes. The jokes through the book are often lines that we’ve heard in the parks (including the iconic “backside of water”) but most of the lines I have not heard lately. We see the band of gorillas, the totem, the elephant bathing pool, ancient temple (including the tiger) and more. Scenes will be often familiar.

Jungle Cruise” Little Golden Book is a fun introduction or a great souvenir for kids (or adult fans of the Jungle Cruise attraction).

From the publisher: Climb aboard the Jungle Cruise and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Featuring terrifying tigers, mysterious ruins, and the eighth wonder of the world, readers can experience Disney Parks’ world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction like never before in this new Little Golden Book. Available just in time for the Jungle Cruise live-action film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt, this book is perfect for Disney and Little Golden Book fans of all ages!


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