Universal Studios Orlando

DreamWorks Destination Opens at Universal Orlando (Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

DreamWorks Destination opened this past week at Universal Orlando. It was in “technical rehearsal” when we visited on Tuesday, but everything seemed to be running as expected. At DreamWorks Destination, guests can greet and dance with characters from favorite DreamWorks films like Trolls, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar.

DreamWorks Destination is located in the KidZone area of Universal Studios. Outside, there are backdrops from various DreamWorks movies and shows.

One of the penguins from Madagascar was outside when we arrived.

Inside, there are DreamWorks characters lining the walls.

When we arrived, Branch was greeting guests from the stage along with King Julien and Puss in Boots. There were three different sets of characters while we were there.

Here is our video and then more photos.

While the characters often stayed in one place, there were times they danced or walked in circles to be able to greet everyone. Guests were told they could stand and have photos with the characters.

Universal Orlando says about the location, Catchy tunes from various DreamWorks movies will fill the air as guests enter a bright, colorful party atmosphere – all set against a nighttime sky inspired by the animation studio’s iconic opening sequence from its films. As bright lights illuminate the scene, guests will connect with their favorite DreamWorks characters, grab some fun photos and even join them for an epic dance party that will get every member of the family to move it, move it.

Guests are seated either on the floor or benches in the back of the room while the characters are on the stage in the center. We were on one of the benches, which was out of the main circle where guests were taking photos with them.

Next, Poppy, Alex and Tigress were up.

There were Team Members/performers also with the characters, keeping the energy up.

The last character set was with Gloria, Guy Diamond and Po. Gloria did leave at one point and a penguin took her place.

Here is one more look at more of the room.

DreamWorks Destination is a fun way for guests to see and greet some of their favorite DreamWorks characters!