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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Hosts Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort hosted a Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade today. I think this is the first golf cart parade since Christmas 2019, and there was a lot of energy and patriotic spirit as guests drove their decorated carts through the campground. Here are our photos and a full video.

There was a list of patriotic activities, with today’s parade and Beach Bash capping off the weekend.

Signs also pointed the way to a Food Truck Round-Up.

Many campsites have decorations for the Fourth of July.

We did stop before the golf cart parade to see the food trucks – one was called Toasted, and I was hoping to stop there but it started thundering right after the parade ended.

Even BB-8 is patriotic.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground traditionally offers three golf cart parades per year, with campsite guests taking part: Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas (not on the holiday generally for the latter two).

A rider on horseback led the parade. There were no characters.

Here is our video of the full parade.

There were probably 100+ golf carts. I wasn’t expecting so many this year, the Fort seemed a bit quieter but that was until the parade started. There were plenty of cheers for the various carts.

Many carts had a patriotic Mickey topping them.

This cart celebrated the various areas of Fort Wilderness, including loops, Pioneer Hall and Trail’s End.

This cart belonged to friends of ours, and included a Mickey head on the front.

The back was equally as colorful.

Another cart featured Chip and Dale in patriotic gear.

There were many eagles.

Mickey and Minnie plush are atop this cart.

There was not only a Mater cart, but one that was like Lightning McQueen too (which I missed photographing).

Olaf celebrates the Fourth.

Mickey and Minnie hold flags.

This dog was super cute. There were many dogs in the parade.

We have been posting about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parades for about 10 years, it was nice experiencing one again!