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“Cruella” Dress on Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hi everyone!

One of the dresses worn by Emma Stone in the live-action film “Cruella” is on display currently in Walt Disney Presents at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The display items change occasionally in this case.

There is a sign with the display that says that this is one of the 47 costumes designed by Oscar winning costume designer Jenny Beavan for the film. Emma Stone plays Cruella de Vil in the movie, which is set in 1970s London.

Here are more photos of the dress and accessories. Beavans did an amazing job with the costumes for the film!

It is always fun to see the different displays in Walt Disney Presents! The photos above were mostly taken just after guests were seated inside the theater – it had been pretty busy in the minutes prior (in case you want to enjoy displays without too many other guests around).