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Disney After Hours Boo Bash – Our Experience and Overview (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We attended the first Disney After Hours Boo Bash event yesterday (we did pay for tickets). Disney After Hours Boo Bash is a Disney After Hours Halloween event with slight elements of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and also folds in the cavalcades we experienced last year during the day. Disney After Hours Boo Bash starts at 9:00pm or 9:30pm depending on date. Here is a look at our experience from yesterday!

Pumpkin wreaths and other decor line the Magic Kingdom toll booth.

The entry for the event is supposed to be as early as 7:00pm but we arrived at 6:30pm and walked in. We received our wrist band as is normal for separately ticketed events. Disney After Hours Boo Bash officially runs for 3 hours.

Signs welcomed guests to Disney After Hours Boo Bash.

The event was supposed to be sold out but we saw this sign that tickets were available.

There were signs inside the park as well.

Main Street U.S.A. was pretty busy upon arrival. We had posted an article about the pumpkins previously but more decorations had been added since our last visit.

Here is a look at the wristband.

There is a special guide map and the treat bag features “Muppets Haunted Mansion” (with Miss Piggy as Madame Leota and Fozzie Bear as Hatbox Ghost!) – “Muppets Haunted Mansion” will be on Disney+ this fall. On the back of the bag, Disney’s upcoming “Encanto” gives some color to the bag. The sides of the bag have advertising too, including for Disney Junior.

The maps include information on entertainment and snacks. Being a Disney After Hours event, there are ice cream novelties, popcorn and sodas/bottled water included. There is also trick-or-treating. While there are specialty food and beverages for sale, I found what was offered to be more than sufficient.

There are allergy friendly items as well.

Cinderella Castle is ready for the 50th Anniversary celebration and looks nice behind the Mickey pumpkin wreaths.

Unfortunately, there was no dedicated Boo Bash merchandise. There is a variety of Halloween items.

We went back outside the park momentarily to take photos of the Disney After Hours Boo Bash projections and signage lit up.

There were a number of projections on the ground, including this ghost.

This looks like a candy apple skull.

The Pinnochio Village Haus treat location opened a little early. There was quite a line but it moved quickly. It was the only real treat line we saw all night, generally it was less than a minute wait at each location we visited.

Madame Carlotta was interacting with guests at the Haunted Mansion when we stopped by. We did not see Butler Broome but I know he was out as well.

Mickey’s Happy Halloween Cavalcade was the first cavalcade of the evening. At 9:55pm, it ran in a circle (I think around the hub) and so guests could see it twice from one location like here in Liberty Square. It ran the whole parade route during the second showing.

Minnie Mouse is in her Halloween costume.

Mickey wears a purple costume with a hat.

Pluto is a lion.

Other performers representing Mickey’s Boo-to-You Parade are in this procession.

We stopped by the Crystal Palace to see the Pooh characters – Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. These are characters that can have an hour wait during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. They are distanced here and guests can take photos of them (or with them from the distance). The line was just a few minutes, and was more fun I thought than the standard meet and greet.

Here is our video of the Pooh characters:

We picked up soda and an ice cream.

Later, it was popcorn and water.

Disney Villains Halloween Cavalcade is my favorite of the cavalcades. Characters in view here are Queen of Hearts, Bowler Hat Guy and Cruella.

Queen of Hearts points to me.

Dr. Facilier and Jafar are on the front of the float.

The Evil Queen is at the back.

Cruella poses for guests.

Here is our video of the Disney Villains Halloween Cavalcade:

Jack and Sally are next in Jack’s Nightmare Cavalcade.

Oogie Boogie is on the back of the float.

Here is our video of Jack’s Nightmare Cavalcade:

Cinderella Castle changes colors during the evening, and really looks beautiful with the decorations on it and the lighting.

Maleficent’s Fiery Prowl is the last cavalcade. Maleficent is supposed to breathe fire but often had trouble with that last night. We did catch her the second time in Frontierland with some fire before it stopped again.

Here is our video of Maleficent:

Cinderella Castle was green and blue here, and the fountain blue.

Projections look better than ever around the park, with a variety of colors and shapes.

We went into the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, which is another treat spot.

There was some Halloween interaction.

In Tomorrowland, projections lined the ground.

Space Mountain looks great in the background.

There were very few guests at the Tomorrowland DJ Dance Party. It would really help to have a couple of characters here.

A ghost projection was above Star Traders.

Gideon and Foulfellow greeted guests from above at Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

A skull and crossbones could be seen at Pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirate Goofy was at the stage in Adventureland.

Chip and Dale could be found alternating with The Cadaver Dans. Chip was a pirate and Dale a vampire.

Here is a look at the location next to Country Bear Jamboree.

Maleficent had a little fire in her.

That was all I think for her fire on the parade route. But it is cool to see how big she is next to the Country Bear Jamboree.

Haunted Mansion was lit up red and blue.

The Cadaver Dans have several sets.

They are always fun to see at the park.

We stopped by the Enchanted Tiki Room for treats – the doors were closed by then but the Cast Members were outside of it passing out candy.

We rode the Jungle Cruise at the end of the night. We waited just 2 or 3 minutes to board.

By the time our Jungle Cruise ride was over, the park was officially closed and we went to take photos on Main Street.

The pumpkin photo always is a favorite.

We left the park at almost 1:30am – guests had been lingering for photos and I think Photopass was out for most of that time. There are special Photopass pictures, we didn’t have any taken during this evening.

This is a representation of the candy we received – it is actually most of it, I gave away the Skittles. The bulk of the candy is chocolate.

If Jeff and I weren’t focused on Halloween, we would have gone on more rides – we saw most waits at 5-10 minutes. Shorter ride wait times is going to be – for many – the aspect they appreciate the most, as long as ride times stay short in the upcoming Boo Bash nights. I’ve been asked already if I think the event is worth it. It depends what your goal is. For myself, it was nice to experience a Magic Kingdom Halloween this year. For some, three hours of rides with included snacks and trick-or-treating may be totally worth it. The night isn’t inexpensive and I wish there was just a little more entertainment going on. There are no dedicated fireworks nor a big show like Disney Villains After Hours had. Disney After Hours Boo Bash felt very low-key and having more characters around the park (including at exit) would do a lot to add more energy to the event.