Book Review: Spidey and His Amazing Friends – “Meet the Spidey Team”

Hi everyone!

I received the book “Spidey and His Amazing Friends – “Meet the Spidey Team” to review. This is a 24-page board book for kids, with the approximate age range of 3-5. The Disney Storybook Art Team illustrates. The cover in the illustrations online say “Meet Team Spidey”, mine says “Meet the Spidey Team”. The book released on August 3rd.

Here is information first from the publisher on the book:

Spidey is swinging and web-slinging his way to Disney Junior next summer with a super-duper team of Super Hero friends!

Read all about them in this board book! Perfect for the youngest of fans, this die-cut board book introduces preschoolers to the whole Spidey team, their amazing super powers, and the villains they battle in their adventures. Die-cut in the shape of Spidey’s face, kids will love having Spidey swinging and web-slinging on their bookshelf.


Spidey and His Amazing Friends – “Meet the Spidey Team” is a pretty straightforward book, 24 pages with a quick introduction to Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales. They are then shown in their super hero forms. They have to stop Rhino from taking the ice cream truck, and enlist the help of super hero friends. It is a quick book to read and nicely illustrated. It is a good introduction to kids to the Marvel characters.


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