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Review: Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe Near Disneyland Paris Offers a Great Location and Value

Hi everyone!

In June we stayed at the Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe near Disneyland Paris. This was probably our fourth or fifth time staying at this boutique hotel that is situated right across from the massive Val d’Europe shopping center. I haven’t written it up previously and wanted to share our experience from the stay. We didn’t take a video this trip, we were so tired from our flight that the room became not “show ready” pretty quickly, but next visit we will.

The Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe is very nicely situated not only near the mall (which includes the Auchan superstore and a pharmacy) but also is just a few minute walk from the RER. While there is a complimentary bus to the parks, we usually have a Paris Navigo weekly pass that allows us travel into and around Paris but also the one stop to the Marne-la-Vallée station. The Paris Navigo weekly pass is based on Monday – Sunday.

Here is a look at the entrance to Hôtel l’Elysée.

Turning around, this is the Val D’Europe entrance on this side of the mall. Auchan from here is about a five minute walk and I spend way too much time there. The superstore is amazing – the cheeses, the bakery, the huge selection of everything. I recommend it! The pharmacy is also just a few minutes walk away. We had our pre-flight COVID test there and the results were complete in about a half hour.

The lobby of the Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe is comfortable and we have always had excellent service here.

To the right is a small area with drinks and snacks to purchase.

While we were there, brochures were stocked in the holder ahead midway through the trip. Tourist attractions were just opening up – not all, for example the Eiffel Tower had not yet reopened. But a lot of attractions were starting to come to life again.

There is a decent amount of seating in the lobby, including off to the side in this room.

This wasn’t our first time in room 401. While we paid full price for our trip, we have been there enough that they know us and what rooms we like.

The room includes a double bed and large chair (it looks like a couch here but is a large chair).

I had to look at my photo information to see if this was night or morning – because during the summer, there isn’t so much nighttime. This could be 10:30 p.m. or 6:00 a.m. It is the latter. And it’s a great view from the room.

Here is a look at the chair.

The room isn’t huge but we do like it for the layout – it has everything we need, including a desk to work at (and excellent WiFi). Honestly, even when we find other hotels cheaper, we almost always end up booking here.

To the left, there is a small fridge and storage area.

The fridge is more of a beverage cooler but I put milk and orange juice in that last about 2-3 days before I need to replace them (plus other items). I can actually put quite a bit in it.

Coffee and tea are available to make.

There were two robes.

The bathroom is a nice size. There were bottles of Rituals Happy Buddha soap, shampoo and shower gel.

I haven’t ironed since the 1980s, but if you need one – it is here.

I don’t really know where Le George ends and where Le Diplomate begins. We did enjoy one happy hour and had two dinners out on the terrace.

The drinks are a decent price whether Happy Hour or not.

The napkin outside said George + Diplomate.

They have a number of cocktails, wine, beer and champagne.

I ordered a steak dish. The food here was very good.

I will have an even more complete review after our next stay with a video. This is the first time I’ve ever written a review after staying at the Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe (except on large travel sites). The hotel had just reopened this past trip and breakfast had not yet restarted but the hotel otherwise felt mostly as normal. The Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe is never the least expensive hotel in the area, but for us it is almost always the best value. The one negative would be no washer and dryer in the hotel and it’d be nice to have an ice machine. But otherwise – for location, the good WiFi, for the comfortable room and bed and the terrific service, the Hôtel l’Elysée Val d’Europe is our go-to most trips. We don’t rent a car in France so having this location is perfect for us.