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TRON Lightcycle Run Update w/Clearance Envelope Testing at Magic Kingdom – August 27th (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

TRON Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom keeps progressing, and yesterday Jeff noticed a clearance testing rig that was on the tracks as we went by. We took a couple of laps on the People Mover as the rain moved in. Here are photos and video from yesterday!

First, our short video:

And now photos:

The blue netting was added quite some time ago. Workers can be seen at the entrance to the attraction.

There is a clearing for the Walt Disney World Railroad. I am looking forward to seeing the trains eventually make their way around the Magic Kingdom again.

The clearance rig can be seen to the right hand side.

Jeff noticed while on our second lap that clearance testing was going on.

The testing (“envelope of protection”) ensures that guests can’t reach out and reach anything while riding.

It can be seen at the right side of the photo.

The canopy can be seen beyond the People Mover track here.

We didn’t take photos from any other angles yesterday due to the incoming weather but it was fun to see another step in the progress of TRON Lightcycle Run!