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Cheshire Cat Appearing with Alice for Halloween Time at Disneyland (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We found Cheshire Cat meeting with Alice at Disneyland yesterday for Halloween Time! We have only experienced Cheshire Cat as a meet and greet character at Disneyland Paris so it was great to see him here. (Note: on September 6th we saw him by himself, meet and greets do vary).

Here is our video, which also includes Tigger and Piglet:

Cheshire Cat and Alice arrive together for their distanced meet and greet.

The Matterhorn makes a nice backdrop.

Alice and Cheshire Cat had some fun.

We have seen Cheshire Cat also at Disneyland Paris this year, as part of the Cheshire Cat Train cavalcade.

Cheshire Cat poses for guests.

Tomorrowland also makes for a good backdrop when looking this way.

Alice waves to guests.

And here is a look from farther away.

Here is our video of the Cheshire Cat Train at Disneyland Paris from June!

There are so many characters out and about for Halloween Time! Cheshire Cat was a nice surprise.