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Looking Back at Walt Disney World’s 20th Anniversary – Part 1 of 2 (Vintage Series #6)

Hi everyone!

For this week’s vintage article, Jeff is sharing photos from his archives of Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary decorations at the Magic Kingdom (next week we will have photos of the Surprise Celebration Parade from that event). The 15-month celebration kicked off in 1991. This is the 6th vintage article in our series, you can find all of them in the Denise’s Corner category of our site. We are only a few weeks away until the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World!

Each celebration includes special decorations in front of the Main Street Train Station. During the 20th Anniversary, colorful candles lined the entire length.

Here is a look at the Mickey Mouse floral.

The logo included a Mickey head with a “20” inside the castle.

The band played in Town Square.

Banners were up on light poles.

The banners said “Surprise!”

This beautiful 20th Anniversary sign was inside the Main Street Emporium.

There was a 20th Anniversary topiary with Mickey and Minnie.

Here is a look at Cinderella Castle that year.

The candles lit up at night.

Next week, we will talk about the Surprise Celebration Parade and share some fun photos from it!

I’m not sure if we will continue this series through the end of the year, but definitely another couple of months at least. It has been fun to look back on the parks through Jeff’s enormous vintage photo collection!


Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary books I’m looking forward to:

A Portrait of Walt Disney World: 50 Years of The Most Magical Place on Earth (Disney Editions Deluxe)

Disney World at 50: The Stories of How Walt’s Kingdom Became Magic in Orlando

Birnbaum’s 2022 Walt Disney World: The Official Vacation Guide (Birnbaum Guides)




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