Park Candy “Calling the Spirits” Haunted Mansion Inspired Button-Up Shirt Available for Preorder, Save 10% with Code

Hi everyone!

Park Candy has a new button-up shirt inspired by the Haunted Mansion for a late October pre-order. This is going to be a run of only 100 shirts and is part of the Amanda Conrad collection. And you can save 10% more with the code MOUSESTEPS (on anything in their store)! The shirts from Park Candy are our favorites, they are lightweight and the designs are gorgeous. Here is more information on “Calling the Spirits“!

Product Description:

  • Exclusive run of only 100 Shirts
  • Part of the Amanda Conrad Collection
  • Featuring our signature CANDY FLOSS four-way stretch material, the softest and most breathable moisture-wicking fabric you’ll ever wear
  • Branded buttons
  • Embroidered placket tag
  • Imported fabric
  • Proceeds from every purchase benefit the Everglades Outpost and CHOC Children’s Hospital

*Note that viewing these colors on a screen only gives an approximation of the colors’ appearance.*

We have been friends with the owners Steve & Carise of Park Candy for 10+ years and own quite a few items from their shop – a lot of masks, some shirts and pillows, bottle openers, glasses, etc. Everything is really nicely designed. The shirts do take a while on preorder but they are worth the wait. Jeff wears the Park Candy button-ups more than any other shirt because of the lighter material and design.


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