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Disneyland Halloween Time Offers Abundance of Disney Characters (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We had a great trip to Disneyland last month for Halloween Time. I’m still combing through my thousands of photos! Today I wanted to share a look at many of the characters you can find during Halloween Time. While Disneyland does have the after-hours Oogie Boogie Bash, there is plenty of celebrating all day long during the season. We have photos and video of many characters from Disneyland and Disney California Adventure below (it is not exhaustive).

Mickey Mouse wears a number of different Halloween costumes during Halloween Time. He is in Town Square here.

Minnie has a lot of different witch costumes.

Here is our video of Mickey and Minnie.

Goofy is in his skeleton costume in Town Square.

Chip and Dale are bats.

Goofy was ending his Town Square shift and looked to be talking to Dale.

Chip and Dale goofed off.

Cruella passes by to go to her location.

Dale looks on as Cruella heads by.

All of the characters have distanced meet and greets for Halloween Time.

Pluto is next, while Chip and Dale start heading downstairs.

Pluto scares Goofy.

Pluto hides his eyes.

Then ducks behind the railing.

Check out his fun name tag.

Mickey and Minnie later marched with the Disneyland Band.

Here is our video of Mickey and Minnie with the band.

They also were part of the Halloween cavalcade, which has a lot of friends of Mickey.

The Town Square characters including Chip and Dale along with Goofy were in this one. Each time we saw the cavalcade, it was a little different – different characters, different locations for the characters, props were eventually added. You will see that in my photos.

Anna and Elsa were on the Omnibus.

Here is one of our videos of the cavalcade.

Alice and Cheshire Cat were out together.

Here is our video.

We have met Cheshire Cat many times at Disneyland Paris but haven’t seen him like this at Disneyland before.

They were alternating with the Pooh characters.

Jeff found Mickey in a different Halloween costume in the Magic Key Lounge.

Over in the Fantasy Faire area, Maleficent and Lady Tremaine were just leaving as we arrived.

Next up were the Evil Queen with Snow White. This was a fun greeting location!

Someone had given them each a rose.

Lady Tremaine was out again later, without Maleficent.

Miguel from “Coco” was out near Rancho del Zocalo. He made his debut last year in the “Magic Happens” parade.

Here is our video of Miguel.

Minnie held a Halloween pumpkin bucket at her house in Toontown.

I mentioned the Halloween cavalcade was a little different each time we saw it. Longtime Cast Member Steve (he’s driven the fire engine on Main Street since 1984!) is seen here.

Chip and Dale, Donald and more characters are on their way.

Donald waves.

The pumpkin bucket props were new.

Gepetto looks in his bucket.

Then he held it out.

Peter Pan held his bucket upside down (empty!).

Even the Queen of Hearts held a bucket.

Genie is behind her.

The characters on the Omnibus changed regularly as well. This is a different time – you can see Gepetto is on the Omnibus this time.

Gepetto holds his bucket up. I am not sure the buckets had words before this, it says “Trick or Treat”.

Belle holds a bucket and Mulan a mask.

This time, Donald is also on the Omnibus.

Wendy holds her bucket in front of her.

Moana holds up her mask.

Mulan does as well.

Over at the Haunted Mansion, Jack and Sally were greeting from above. This was a great location for guests to see them from.

Jack and Sally met intermittently here, but also above the Royal Street Veranda.

Sally poses.

Here is our video of Jack and Sally.

Mickey and Minnie sometimes were at the Main Street Train Station.

Mickey and Minnie greet guests at night.

Goofy waves to guests with Minnie behind him.

Disney’s California Adventure characters are on page 2!