Review: History Channel’s “Walt Disney: Real Stories Behind the Legend” Single-Issue Publication

Hi everyone!

I’m updating this article to be a review of the History Channel’s “Walt Disney: Real Stories Behind the Legend” single-issue magazine. I had posted about the publication a couple of weeks ago when there wasn’t much information about it, and we now have the issue in hand (purchasing it from Amazon). “Walt Disney: Real Stories Behind the Legend” is the size of other similar publications – for example, Life Magazine specials or a Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary publication we found randomly in a Target in California. The red emblem says “50 Years of Disney World” but very little of the publication is about Walt Disney World – it is about Walt Disney and it touches upon a lot of aspects including Walt Disney World.

The cover photo is by Renie Bardeau, who passed away earlier this year. The photo of Walt and Mickey is one of the last of Walt Disney taken at Disneyland.

We have a ton of Disney books and publications, and “Walt Disney: Real Stories Behind the Legend” is a nice addition to our bookshelf. The publication is over 90 pages with a nice selection of photos and a lot of text that tells the story of Walt and his accomplishments. The publication talks about his family while growing up, his marriage to Lillian, his early works and as he moved into full-length features. Discussion on his innovations including the multi-plane camera are in the pages. Toward the end of the magazine, there is an article on the parks.

This is a nice publication for our collection. I also just reviewed “Walt’s Disneyland: A Walk in the Park with Walt Disney” and if  you are looking for more on Walt – that is a terrific book that focuses on Walt at Disneyland, with photos and entertaining stories.


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