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Magic Kingdom Christmas Decoration Photos and Video from November 1st, 2021

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom switched from Halloween to the holiday season overnight from October 31st to yesterday (November 1st 2021) and we stopped by in the afternoon to check it out. The decorations have a lot more gold in them than usual due to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, The World’s Most Magical Celebration.

Here is a look at the changeover (video provided by Disney) followed by our photos and video.

Mickey & friends were out greeting guests when we arrived, including Tigger.

Chip and Dale wave to guests below.

Mickey waves on his way out.

Town Hall is decked out for the holidays.

The large Christmas tree in Town Square has a lot more gold in it.

Swaths of large popcorn garland are back again this year. And there are some red and green ornaments as well.

Gold ornaments include a Christmas tree and a vintage car.

More gold can be seen here, including a gingerbread man and stocking.

Christmas gifts and a train are underneath the tree.

Here is a look at our video of the decorations, plus Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade with the Christmas tree in view.

Wreaths and lamppost decorations also have a 50th anniversary gold look to them.

Inside the Main Street Emporium, it was a little bit Halloween and a little bit Christmas.

Garland lines the recently refurbished Main Street Confectionery.

The Royal Princess Processional passed by.

Snow White posed with the Christmas tree behind her.

The mirror float passed by.

Cinderella waved from the float.

Window displays celebrate the holidays.

Grogu looks out the window.

We also saw Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade.

Daisy waves.

The large wreath surrounds the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor sign.

We will have much more to share from the holidays at Walt Disney World and are scheduled to be at the first Disney Very Merriest After Hours next week!