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65 Daytime Photos of Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris (with Videos)

Hi everyone!

Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade is the – well, dazzling – centerpiece of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris. The parade is both a daytime and nighttime parade, sometimes showing at dusk instead of night. I took a couple of thousand photos of the parade, and I chose 65 for this article (daytime and dusk). I also have some of our videos posted within this article. Here is a look at Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade!

Here is our video that includes Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade with all four stages (and also a full parade view at Town Square).

Mickey is the conductor of this whimsical train, with smoke/steam that rises from the smokestack.

Mickey waves from his perch.

Smoke can be seen rising in this photo.

Each of the five floats has a Christmas tree, which is a big part of the storytelling of Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade. And while Duffy is not a character for this parade, he can be seen as a toy on this side.

We photographed and watched the parade 15+ times throughout our trip, plus often followed the parade down to Town Square. The sky was usually grey but we did get a couple of beautiful blue days.

Garland is draped on this side of the float.

There are large, vintage style bulbs. This is not an electrical parade but a light parade. I liked watching during the dusk time (4:20 p.m. kickoff) because the floats were lit but I could still easily take photos.

Stitch in his reindeer antlers waves from the float.

Pluto lifts his ears up.

Pluto looks like a Christmas gift wrapped in a wreath.

During the Central Plaza show stop, there are four stages with characters dancing to Christmas carols. Mickey heads up to one of the stages.

He kicks up his heels while Stitch and the Three Little Pigs perform.

Here is our video of the stage.

The parade can be watched differently in so many ways, both day and night and during the show stops.

Mickey waves.

There is a second show stop in Town Square. At night it includes a tree lighting ceremony.

Pinocchio sits on the back of the float.

The Three Little Pigs are followed by Chip, Dale and Clarice.

All of the costumes are new for the parade. There was also a fairly steady rain during this particular day that this photo was taken.

Chip and Dale hold what look like candy canes.

Chip waves to guests.

Minnie is atop her candy float.

The float includes a variety of different candy canes, peppermints, cookies and more.

Her headpiece looks like a gingerbread snowflake with candy.

Clarabelle Cow has a teacup on her head with a spatula in it and her skirt looks like a waffle cone.

Clarabelle and Horace walk down the stairs.

Horace’s hat looks like a cupcake.

Minnie’s dress includes snowflakes and ornaments.

Clarice’s hat looks like a macaron with Christmas tree pops.

The popular gingerbread Mickey characters are on back of Minnie’s float.

Performers are between the various floats.

The next float is Norwegian inspired.

Donald wears a festive, pointed hat.

Huey, Dewey and Louie are on the back of the float.

The rabbits remind me of Thumper and Miss Bunny.

And this chipmunk has a black nose.

This chipmunk has a red nose.

Goofy wears a Norwegian style sweater and hat.

He and Max are on the stage with Donald and Daisy.

Max also wears a themed sweater and hat.

Scrooge McDuck is on the float.

The tree of the float can be seen here with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.

Here it is from the back as it travels down Main Street U.S.A.

Next is the princess float, which has 200 “jewels”.

This is a photo of the tree during dusk as it is lit up.

Belle and Princess Aurora are on the float but head down the stairs to perform during show stops.

Cinderella and Snow White are on the float.

The princesses wear warm dresses and gloves. It was in the 40s most days we watched the parade.

The dresses are beautiful and are layered, so they look even nicer when the princesses twirl.

Belle poses for photos.

Princess Aurora twirls with her dress and cape in motion.

This was taken during the most beautiful blue day of our trip. I didn’t take a lot of photos of the princesses here, I was taking video of the stages most days.

The Pooh characters wear antlers.

Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore don their antlers.

Santa’s float lights up beautifully in the evening. When the parade shows after dark, he lights the Christmas tree during the parade stop.

The float includes animated reindeer.

Santa sits high atop the float.

The back of the float includes what looks like a glass ornament and enclosed is a version of the Town Square Christmas tree (which can be seen in the background here). This was taken while it was raining.

Here is a clearer look at the tree.

Tinker Bell sits on the back of the float.

Here is another full parade video we posted.

Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade is already very popular. I personally loved the last Christmas parade, and it took a special parade to live up to that. I never expected to watch the parade so much this trip, but Disneyland Paris puts on great entertainment.

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas is scheduled to run through January 9th, 2022 at Disneyland Paris. Check out our growing YouTube playlist as we continue to post about Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade and other aspects of our Disneyland Paris trip!