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Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade Daytime Photos & Video 2021

Hi everyone!

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is now available for day guests through December 31st, 2021 and is playing twice a day. We were able to find a great spot (where we normally stand in Town Square) about 15 minutes before parade kickoff, which is about a half hour before it appears in this location. Here are photos and video from yesterday!

Here is our video:

This photo made me laugh, it looks like Pluto is holding Donald’s mouth open.

Peter and Wendy are also in the group that leads the way before Mickey and Minnie on their float.

Donald waves.

Mickey and Minnie are on a festive float with a Christmas tree.

Many of the characters wear scarves, including Alice.

Pinocchio stops for a photo with Gepetto behind him.

The “Frozen” section is next, with Olaf on his house float.

Anna walks the parade route with Kristoff (out of view).

Elsa is on this float, which used to be the Chip and Dale float.

Max drives the gingerbread car.

Goofy is in front of the gingerbread house.

Chip and Dale are bakers, with gingerbread characters behind them.

A gingerbread man waves on Clarabelle Cow’s float.


A Mickey head is in the middle of this cookie.

Princess floats are up next.

Rapunzel waves to the crowd.


The mirror float has been a part of Magic Kingdom parades for a very long time.

Ariel is one of the princesses on it.

Elena, Mulan and Cinderella can be seen here.

The Fairy Godmother is atop the float.

Performers with Pixar balls are next.

Woody and Jessie are on the “Toy Story” Float.

Forky can be seen behind Jessie.

The toy soldiers are one of my favorite parts of the parade. There were only four of them (the parade is quite a bit shorter this year, but that is the most noticeable change for me).

Reindeer are another favorite of mine.

Santa is in the last parade float.

It was a beautiful day to watch a parade! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.